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  1. Rob Williams

    Optimizing Your Firefox Installation with SpeedyFox

    In the software world, the word "Boost" is synonymous with the exclamation, "BS!", as nearly every kind of third-party software speed boost turns out to have the unwritten small print of "under certain conditions"... roughly translated as "this is useless". People often try to speed up their...
  2. Rob Williams

    Free Alternatives to Adobe Reader for Viewing PDF's

    Portable Document Format files, or PDF's for short, are pretty much ubiquitous in today's computing, as they are a standard way of sharing documents within the business world. They are used for proofing, filling out forms, NDA's, insurance claims, and just about anything that requires...
  3. Rob Williams

    Repairing a Broken GRUB 2 Boot-Loader on Ubuntu

    When Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx (10.04) was set out to pasture this past April, it brought a couple of interesting features to the table. The most obvious might be the desktop theme overhaul, but other important changes included improved NVIDIA driver support, the removal of a default GIMP...
  4. Rob Williams

    Using Ultimate Windows Tweaker to Help You Rule Your OS

    Does the name "TweakUI" sound familiar? If so, then you have no doubt been tweaking Windows OSes for quite some time. On its own, this Microsoft-developed tool didn't accomplish anything that couldn't otherwise be handled manually, with registry hacks and other things, but it did make the...
  5. Rob Williams

    Using Sony's Media Go to Backup and Restore Your PSP's Files

    I'm not much of an "on-the-go" gamer, but I do appreciate a good handheld console to keep me occupied on a plane, or to help wind me down before I catch some zzz's. Although I own both a Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, it's been the latter that has taken the vast majority of my time between them...