1. Rob Williams

    HP to Cut 24,600 Jobs, 8% of Total Workforce

    From our front-page news: Times are not good in the financial world, with large investment firms closing shop and even one of the world's largest insurers also scrambling to come up with some $75 billion just to stay afloat. Hewlett-Packard might be feeling the effects of the economy too, but...
  2. Rob Williams

    HP Promises 24-Hour Battery-Life with New Technologies

    From our front-page news: Ask any mobile warrior for their biggest complaint about computing on the go, and the answer will be, without fail, "battery-life". The issue becomes worse as your craving for power increases, and some of today's popular notebooks (15.4" and upwards) suffer with less...
  3. Rob Williams

    Voodoo "Unboxes" the Envy 133

    From our front-page news:It was only the other day that the veil was taken off of Voodoo's new Envy 133, and now Rahul Sood, CTO for HP's Gaming Business, has posted numerous "unboxing" pictures on his blog. You may just want to grab a towel to wipe off any potential drool. This thing is...
  4. Rob Williams

    Voodoo Envy 133 is Expensive, but Gorgeous

    From our front-page news: Big notebooks are out and small notebooks are in. I personally didn't realize how great smaller notebooks could be until I first took a look at a Hypersonic offering back in May, then proceeded by an ASUS offering which shared the same form-factor. I don't recall a time...