1. Rob Williams

    In the TG Lab: Second Generation Apple TV

    It took a month from the time of Apple's announcement, but the second generation Apple TV has finally begun shipping to customers worldwide. We've been using ours for the past couple of days, and are preparing to publish our full review next week. But for now, I'll give some quick impressions...
  2. Rob Williams

    Have Simpler Product Lines Lead to Apple's Success?

    From our front-page news: Think back to about ten years ago. How many people did you know that owned a Mac? Chances are, despite that they were still well-designed computers, probably not too many. Since then, though, things have changed dramatically. Apple now holds a good percentage of PC...
  3. Rob Williams

    Apple's Upcoming MacBook's to Use NVIDIA Chipsets & GPUs

    From our front-page news: After countless rumors, Apple's October 14th press event is official, and there's no question that it will be new MacBook's they'll be showing off, and little else. Both MacBook lines are to be not only refreshed, but overhauled. The most popular rumor is that the new...
  4. Rob Williams

    Apple's P.A. Semi to Develop ARM CPU for Upcoming iPhone

    From our front-page news: When Apple acquired P.A. Semi, a Power processor manufacturer, we couldn't quite figure out what their plans were. After all, Intel has been at the forefront of the Cupertino company's hardware side of things for a few years, but it was clear either Intel or Apple...
  5. Rob Williams

    Apple Becomes Sixth Largest Worldwide PC Vendor

    From our front-page news: In case you haven't noticed, Apple has been enjoying some incredible growth over the past few years. Whether it's due to OS X's simplicity or Windows Vista's major issues, I'm unsure, but Apple has become more than just a serious contender in the PC market, and it's...
  6. Rob Williams

    Apple to Skip Intel Chipsets in Upcoming MacBook Lineup?

    From our front-page news: When Apple first jumped onto the Intel bandwagon, fans cheered. Making the move to an x86 processor meant great compatibility, and given Intel's most-recent track-record, it also meant getting a much faster product. Well if recent reports are to be believed, then Apple...