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  1. liqnit

    Maxtor OneTouch4 - What HD inside?

    i still haven't connected that drive again i was having some trouble with it ( the WDTV didn't recognize it:mad:) and i think this is solved (cable issue) - i hope to check it this evening. my guess if you couldn't see your HD model neither will i.
  2. liqnit

    Maxtor OneTouch4 - What HD inside?

    Thanks I will connect to again and check.
  3. liqnit

    Maxtor OneTouch4 - What HD inside?

    it just see "USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE"
  4. liqnit

    Maxtor OneTouch4 - What HD inside?

    Hi All Is there a way to know waht HD model inside the Maxtor OneTouch 500gb? Without disassembly? Mu model Number = 9NT2A4-500 Thanks
  5. liqnit

    Quick-Gage: Kingston 16GB DataTraveler Locker+

    I agree, Facebook found some people i never met and when i don't select any of them to be friend every log in it tries some new random people...:cool:
  6. liqnit

    Tagan TG1100-U95 1100W Power Supply

    Great looking case!! But after reading the review i think it is the best feature there...
  7. liqnit

    15 Windows Explorer alternatives compared and reviewed

    This could come handy for all those that think that Windows explorer is not enough. I think that microsoft could easily make it better then it is now and by looking at Vista explorer we will not get a much better job . here you can look at 15 alternative some cost money some are free...
  8. liqnit

    help booting windows

    Hi I have 2 HD IDE Conected as master an salve On both i have Windows XP installed and using the Master Boot.ini i do multiboot and select which OS i use. On the slave there is no Boot.ini and when iremove the master i cannot boot from the slave. How do i make windows boot from the Slave HD...
  9. liqnit

    Broadband Over Gas Lines

    in the future opening a window will make the Gas\Internet fade away...
  10. liqnit

    Broadband Over Gas Lines

    maybe we will see in the near future people turning on the stove and the internat at the same time ;)
  11. liqnit

    Broadband Over Gas Lines

    It sounds starnge but appearntly possible. what do you think???
  12. liqnit

    Multiplayer for OBLIVION

    This game is great anyway and with large community that adds content i and Multi support it will be great
  13. liqnit

    Multiplayer for OBLIVION

    is that going to make OBLIVION even better??? i think it will make it last longer - still in alpha stage take a look So what is MultiTES4? MultiTES4 is my attempt at an Oblivion mod/add-on that, you guessed, adds multiplayer to this awesome game. I...
  14. liqnit

    Chip hits 500Ghz (extreme cold) IBM and Georgia Tech have coaxed a chip to run at 500GHz, a record for a silicon-based device, by dropping the temperature to minus 451 degrees Fahrenheit. (-267c) At room temperature, the IBM-Georgia Tech chip...
  15. liqnit

    Oblivion interactive map the best an Oblivion fan can have. this is an interactive map that shows evrery place on the Oblivion map. just click on the name and see. a MUST HAVE for any Oblivioneer out there.
  16. liqnit

    Thank you Google

    Great i wasn't aware they are have made a version to for linux.
  17. liqnit

    Conroe vs. FX-62

    OC this cpu should be somthing big - it start @ such a relative low speed so it got to have some room to grow just wonder what Intel has locked now in the Hardware
  18. liqnit

    Who's going AM2?

    i am thinking to wait until at least revision 2 of the boards is out and also a new stepping for the CPU it is a big step in hardware terms and need to be checked a lot
  19. liqnit

    Maxtor being cut in half

    i like maxtor but i think everyone should decide if he wants to support local people or not ofcours if the product is the same
  20. liqnit

    Half-Life 2: 64-Bit - Reason to get excited?

    hi i just installed XP 64 bit and i am still in testing i want to see if Oblivion will do good on both