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    The TechGage Critter Thread

    Hey, fellas! If any of you own any critters at home you may be able to relate to this, a discussion thread regarding our pets. I own a sugar glider named Ricky. He’s a tyke that loves to jump around indoors. He usually hangs out in his critter nation cage, a comfy spot for him to have fun and...
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    The TechGage Joke Thread

    This new thesaurus I bought is the worst.. Not only is it terrible, it's terrible. By the way, just in case anyone’s interested, my brother Tim is selling an undercover tonneau. If anyone’s interested, feel free to PM me.
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    The TechGage Joke Thread

    Scientists finally found out, how much sleep humans exactly need.. ...just five more minutes.
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    The TechGage Joke Thread

    Hey, fellas! I've created this thread for us to share a few full-hearted laughs, something to lighten up the day when the going gets rough or you just needed something to pick you up from a gloomy day. Let me start this up with a few shorts: A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender...
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    Ryzen 7 is it good?

    Ryzen 5, all the way! :)
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    Show off your desktop!

    Man, that's a great-looking desktop. :)
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    Movies Thread!!

    I agree with that Marvel bit. Can't wait too see Infinity War as well.
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    Not sure if anyone had done this already, so I just made this thread for new guys like me to create an intro. Anyway, newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online tech community. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Cheers! :)