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    NVIDIA's GeForce 285.38 Beta Drivers Boost Battlefield 3 Performance By 38%

    well i guess that means that the recommended hardware should change.. .but wont and they will still say we should use SLI
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    Microsoft to Release Public Windows 8 Build Tonight

    im goign to wait for a later version, or release. at this point i dont have a backup computer or a large enough HD to backup everything anymore and i dont want to have to re install my previous OS. so im waiting for release i think.
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    Inside the Mind of a Anti-piracy Lawyer

    you made a stab saying its free on Hulu. the thing is Hulu pays for the right to show it, its free to watch but it cost Hulu money. it is locked to my country (canada) because they do not see reason to pay for licensing here when we have such limiting bandwidth caps.
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    Broken Monitor? Cook it in an Oven!

    man... why is it that when something breaks techies first idea is to chuck it into a oven?
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    Can Piracy be Alright "Sometimes"?

    no pirating is never right, weather they worked hard or not. if you cant afford it then you have no right to it. and if it helps their business then they should make it free for a limited time. there is no real excuse to pirate anything, you are stealing and its not fair to anyone, especially...
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    Will SSD's Ever Replace Mechanical Storage?

    heres my problem with SSD's the finite amounts of writes kind opf troubles me even if it would take a long time, its still worrying. the size! they list these as a gamer essential but lets face it the thing will fill up quick. the price. ooh the price. so far the only thing you get is a...
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    Download The Hurt Locker? You Could be Sued

    even if the sold online it would not help people are there for the free and not the fact its online
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    Do We All Want Longer and More Difficult Games?

    make it long, and variably hard. i cant stand short, makes me want more! and the best thing about long is if you dont finish thats your fault and the game probably was not one you actually liked anyway