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    No problems, just nothing.

    If you can find it in your area, the very BEST antivirus client is Kaspersky. Almost zero false positives, and finds almost everything. A lot of viruses can be Welded, encrypted and compressed to where no other antivirus can find them. I have tested this with 50+ keyloggers and trojans...
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    what free virus scanner do you use?

    If you do not use the Realtime scanning utilities, and just use it for a periodic check, I would suggest just using I prefer Symantec corporate antivirus. Put it on a server or single pc, and anything added to the network can be scanned from that PC. For free...
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    Favorite Linux Distro?

    My favorite Distro is Slackware. I love everything about it. Linux of course makes a much better server OS than a Client workstation, although it can do both. Removing a lot of the .o files in the kernel will really boost the performance though, bringing it to 2004395349085345908345% more...
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    Post a picture of your mobile PC!

    Good to see that everyone has the Inspiron models, and not the Latitude. For those of you who do not know, the only difference between the models, except for the price, is the little hook that allows it to hook up to the dock. You pay more for the Latitude D series, and get EXACTLY the same...
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    AMD vs. Intel

    I want dual core NOW! I know both platforms are coming out with new and exciting products, but something tells me that the Intel dual core procs with the supposed Hyper transport rollout for Intel chipsets will blow everything we have ever seen out of the water. I wonder if the editions of...
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    Partition Table Bad

    Acronis makes good products. I use Trueimage at home. Damn good backup prog.
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    CAS vs FSB

    Ok. I went ahead on getting 4GB of Corsair XMS PC3200. 2 of these are the XMS Xpert line, the other 2 are just XMS TwinX. All 4 are rated at, and they are digital LIGHTNING!
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    Show off your video card!

    Just a pic from the link I got. Mine will be set on a dangerden GPU block by the end of the week.
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    PC Cases

    I am using the same case as Will. Super lanboy is the quietest case besides the Zalman Fanless, and the sonata. Other than the Stash tray (pen tray) it is flawless. Many mods to come with pics.
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    Graphics Card or Memory?

    Nosebiter, you think like I do. (that is good). :P Definitely get both. Start with memory, and run your games at low rez til you can afford the better card. Then, that way if another generation card comes out, you can decipher if it is worthwhile to get it ahead of the other, while your...
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    AMD vs. Intel

    I disagree on the AMD winning. :P Granted, I love AMD. I have tried the A64 line very little, so my knowledge may be somewhat lacking among that line. BUT: Do a search on your windows drive for *.exe . When complete, select all, and open. AMD Based chips will lock after XXX amount...
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    New watercooling rig

    I tend to do that too, but Right now I am not really going to be doing the ultimate Overclocking Rig, but rather a mod project in the works. I need something with somewhat of a low profile, yet decent temperatures with a 75 Degree ambient temp.
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    PC Cases

    Antec SuperLanboy. Nice case with dual 120mms. Very lightweight.
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    Best way to revive a dead HDD?

    Now, if you need to keep the data, this is an odd one...Put the drive in the freezer. Do this for half an hour, and plug it in. What it does I am not sure, but it works 7/10 times. It will only help it for about 2 or 3 days, so when you pull it out, copy everything ASAP. I have...
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    Best way to revive a dead HDD?

    Well, if the data is not important, and it spins up, you should debug the drive. I can tell you the easiest way, and provide a debug script for you. *note, if you do this, only have this one drive hooked up. It makes it a lot easier* first, get a boot disk with the debug utility. I just...
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    CAS vs FSB school grad here too. If you need books, maybe I can get an all access pass for the site to my books24/7 online thing. It is real nice. Every PC topic known, thousands of books, free. Let me see what I can do.
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    New watercooling rig

    Definitely not. My cherry was popped with a Koolance PC601 blw. :( I rigged it to cool my GPU, CPU, Chip and HDD. It never maintained the temps I wanted, so I went with an old chevy blazer heatercore, PVC rez, Hydor l20 pump, tygon 3/8 tubing, custom barbs, and my whitewater CPU block. At...
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    CAS vs FSB

    Thank you for your help. I agree with you on the CAS latency. I prefer the access strobe to be at it's lowest before it hits the next row. The issue I am considering though, is the value of the BH-6 chips that I plan on using. On a dual channel setup, I am already getting very good...
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    Google Snaps up top FireFox Dev..

    2 points for Mozoogle!
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    Teen gets 18 months in prison for worm..

    Amen. I worked 4 19 hour days due to that damn msblast.exe worm. Then, the spammers arrived in full force. Thank god for business accounts on my ISP.