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    What to do with nearly 300+ 17" LCD monitors?

    Thanks guys, we actually found out, that the local place didn't stop taking corporate donations, it was an issue with the last time we did it, no one thought to give them a heads up that we were giving them 100+ monitors at one time. This time we reached back out to them and they took them...
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    What to do with nearly 300+ 17" LCD monitors?

    At the company I work in the support center for, we have a severe over stock of 17 inch LCD monitors that are not being used, and we may have a glutton of 200 more that are going to be replaced with 2x 24 inch set up. This department has been through a view managers, and is now under a new...
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    Best NVIDIA card, under 200.00?

    I was making this thread and searching newegg put up a black friday sale for a GTX 760 for 199.99! :)
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    Best NVIDIA card, under 200.00?

    Just bought battlefield 4, would like to upgrade gfx.:D
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    Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    I think I am going to be in the market for this mouse soon. My MX-1000 is getting to its geriatric stages. :D That battery life doesn't phase me much, since it can plug in, and due to my children and the Wii I have A LOT of AA rechargeable around.
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    NVIDIA Shows Off PhysX in Batman: Arkham City

    Another game, I'll have to hack to get the stuff to work on an ATI card. /cry
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    Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

    You'll love it. Its a great buy!
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    Epic crash in F1 2011

    I can see that being a problem unless your controller has really good sensitivity. Since they made these cars respond like the real thing, there is no such think in modern day f1 as a drift, and if you do drift in a game, its almost impossible if you are in the cockpit to know your back end is...
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    The loss of a Visionary: Steve Jobs Passes

    Is that final fantasy/zelda music? It sounds strangely familiar.
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    Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C & Unix, Has Passed Away

    Interesting, I never knew who this man was. Sad to see him go but thankful for all he gave us.
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    Show off your desktop!

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    Ok, its that time again. Halloween.

    Who's dressing up, who's decorating, what ya planning! By far my favorite holiday! :) 2007 - Mad Hatter (traditional not Johnny Dep Shit) 2008 - Beaker (muppets) 2009 - Gambit 2010 - Rorschach 2011 - Swedish Chef :p
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    Mugshot Page

    Me trying to install a ceiling fan. When I had long hair. When my wife thought it be good laughs, to make me look like billy ray cyrus before I lost all the hair. Just another one. Last halloween. (TOO BIG)
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    Epic crash in F1 2011

    What helps me is going to, watchig the onboards under videos. Once you watch the pros and where they brake and lift off, and such, it gets much MUCH easier. That said, just because I can make it around the track beating the bronze time doesn't mean I'll be able to pul it off...
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    Epic crash in F1 2011

    It really is a fantastic game. I spent nearly 3 hours just mindlessly repeating nurburgring over and over to get practice with g27. It is a very very hard game if you turn all realism on. I've started out slow. Automatic tranmission, abs and traction control at first, then removed the abs...
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    G27 Racing Wheel.

    I've gotten a chance to use it with NFS: HP and Burnout thus far. At first I thought It was hindering me, so i went back to the dual analog controller, and you can clearly see the difference in how cars handle. Drifting is much harder with the wheel as you have to know how to brake just enough...
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    G27 Racing Wheel.

    Here is kind of a run down of what I want to do. Test between my keyboard, my dual analog controller, and the wheel. Burnout Paradise GTA 4 (not sure how I will, but I'll figure it out lol) F1 2010 F1 2011 NFS: SHIFT 1 + 2 NFS: Hot Pursuit GRID Dirt 2 (only games I own at the moment)
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    G27 Racing Wheel.

    I just got mine in the mail tonight, opened it up, it is a thing of beauty. I will be making my own user review of it and wide range of video games.
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    The loss of a Visionary: Steve Jobs Passes

    Does anyone else think he and ashton kutcher look ALOT alike. (jobs from the 70s I mean) Could be a movie!
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    Migrating Your EA Games from Steam or Retail to Origin

    Yeah its more than valve or criterion bothered to do. From what I understand, the DLC in terms of the cars is already on your hard drive, it is just locked away and you need the patch to unlock it. : \