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    Contest winners thread

    Nice to hear you got your prize. Still about $200 dollars worth of prizes not yet received. Me and the 2nd place winner of the slogan contest, are both missing our prizes. I been in contact with Rob Williams a few times. I trust Rob Williams and I hope everything gets straightened out...
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    I read the article on how to uninstall it. I have a simpler way myself. I run my Windows XP on a FAT32 partition. I can stick in a floppy disk, and boot to DOS. This allows me to delete anything I want from my computer, without having the undeletable-process problems that occur if you try...
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    Contest winners thread

    I wish I could say that I was happy. Looks like <b>neither</b> prize winner for the Vantec Avox ever received their prizes and seems like they never will.
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    "Where Vista Fails"

    An OS is not meant to be pretty. I do not understand why everyone got all excited about Vista in the beginning. Look like it was only a prettier OS, and who needs pretty in an OS? I want an OS that is functional, nothing else and nothing more.
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    My first overclock!

    Congratulations on your first overclock. :)
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    My Razer Copperhead Died!! HELP!! No support from Razer!

    I watch People's Court on television. Several times Ebay cases came up on the show. The judge said on television that Ebay items are considered "as is" items, even if the person selling the item doesn't list "as is" in his description. The same as buying an item at a Flea Market is...
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    Coolest keyboard ever?

    Get a programmable keyboard, therefore you can program any setup you like and not have to pay someone for pre-programmed keyboard layouts.
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    Best Browser

    You got to ask yourself if there are more bugs because #1- There are more people looking for them, or #2- There are more bugs in the software to be found. Less bugs in the software, in the first place, would leave less bugs to be found ;)
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    How much faster are current day games / apps with a dual core?

    Makes sense. You could have one processor control computer AI while the other processor is fully dedicated to human control.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    Mine is for college classes. We were required to own a computer for college, and my parents insisted that I get a laptop. You got to ask them why. However, I do have to admit it has come in handy on occasion. Being able to take it anywhere. I sometimes take it to a lecture and take notes...
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    Most Under-rated Games

    Asherons Call was not underrated. Almost everyone who played it at the time, has recommended it. Its already a highly rated game.
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    Best Stable and Cheap Overclock for AMD socket 939?

    Yes it oveclocks well, but it is NOT a SLI motherboard and AGP is getting to be obsolete.
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    I disagree with those who say that a CPU will die faster if you run it at a higher speed. That is plain BS. You could run your CPU at 2.7 gig and have it last as long as another running at 2.2 gig. Excessive heat can cause a CPU to decay faster. The key word is "excessive". If it is...
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    Are LCD displays reliable?

    My own experience with LCDs have been mixed. A KDS LCD monitor died within 6 months and I could not get the company to replace it. A Hyundai LCD monitor has been behaving flawlessly for over a year. From this experience I conclude that LCD monitors are less reliable then CRTs. Despite...
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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    You're in the army and you don't get enough killing already?
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    A Typical Government Computer Manager

    No kidding. The trick is to use their stupidity to your advantage. By letting them rage on and then using it to make a profit. I'm sure the cent os webmaster had that in mind when he acted as he did, and tryed to get the most benefit out of it. No coincidence that he responded calmly...
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    My water cooling system was the most expensive piece of hardware in my computer. The cost of all the individual pieces that make up my water cooling unit runs over $400.
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    Best Browser

    Remember the good old days when Netscape was the best browser? Nowadays I use FireFox, only because I feel safer using a non-Microsoft browser. Microsoft IE has way too many security holes.
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    Have you all seen this?

    What kind of system are you running? The minimum requirements for the game will probably not be higher then what you already have in your system.
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    HUGE PROBLEM! needhelp asap.

    It would be funny if you could use the security holes inside of IE to automatically install a non-microsoft browser like FireFox. Make use of Microsoft's weaknesses to get people to change to a different browser :)