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    Is the only reason you mod to show off?

    This is a good question. Why do I mod? Well there are many reasons. I mod to make my case more effective. Also I like things being "my way". The case manufacturer usually does not make the case, the way I would of made it myself. I fix that by modding the case to fit the way I would...
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    Voltage you run, all the time?

    1.5 volts, 24 hours / 7 days a week.
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    Favorite MMORPG games?

    I'm surprised too..... When I created this thread and started the conversation going, I originally thought that most people would vote WoW. Never imagined that would be so many people saying Asheron's Call. The same company that produced Asheron's Call has created the Dungeon and...
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    Tis true. The more people who are looking over the code, the better odds of finding a bug. I agree with Worldstar. Code would be more secure if it was Open Source.
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    ATI Product Stack

    I prefer Nvidia and by far Nvidia has the best driver support. ATI has always fell short in that regard. I can take any game I ever bought, including games that are years old and they will work without a flaw with a Nvidia video card. Can't say the same about ATI cards.
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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    Totally what they should have to do. Prevents Apple forming an effective monopoly. I wish they did the same thing in America.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    The most expensive piece of hardware that I own is my LCD 19" monitor at $300. Price on it has gone down now. However, it was $300 when I purchased it originally. Everything else in my machine costs less then the LCD monitor. Everyone post in this thread their most expensive piece of...
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    Good Security Related Programs

    Best anti-spyware and best-anti-adware can be YOU if you pay attention to what processes are running on your computer and catch any new ones and delete them! Regularly checking your process list and keeping track of what process names you run, then checking again once a week and making sure...
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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    Ipod sucks. Many better companies out there that make better and higher quality mp3 players.
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    Tech Time!

    I would get every certification that you can. When going for a job, you never know who is going to interview you and how knowledgeable. You having the certifications while another job candidate not having them, could make the difference between getting a job and not.
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    Good Security Related Programs

    I tryed McAfee once and it kept causing crashes and slowdowns in my other software.
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    Stopping Pirated software - a new approach

    Remember that Star Trek: Next Generation episode where they DID offer death sentences for every crime? It resulted in a totally crime free society.
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    Best Browser

    I must be the minority here. I think that Microsoft IE 6 is the best browser. Not because I like Microsoft. I think IE 6 is the best because its the most compatible. Everything works with it and all web sites look the way they were designed to look.
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs? What you think?
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    Steam tries out Friends List again

    I never played HL2, but I heard a lot about it thru others. Wasn't there suppose to be an offline mode for HL2 that would let the game play while offline? If there was no way to play the game while offline, then what would you do if you purchased the game and didn't have an internet...
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    List of Games You Think are Overrated.

    The most overrated game was Diablo 2. I was waiting 6 months for that game to be released, and when it was, I was extremely disappointed. I would not even classify that game as a RPG. It was an arcade shoot-em-up type game and was not even close to being a RPG.
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    Most Under-rated Games

    Heroes of Might and Magic. That game use to be very good!! The first game I ever played multiplayer, I believe it was Heroes of Might and Magic 3. That game took a lot of strategic thinking and smarts to win. Not like the multiplayer games of today where you just blow up everything...
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    100 Game developers

    Girls may be starting to game, but more are into games like 'The Sims' then real games. I would like to someday see a MMORPG where half the population is girls. Fun to meet girls online and to play games together with them. In World of Warcraft, you may have 1 female for every 10 males...
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    Favorite MMORPG games?

    List your all time favorite MMORPG games? My own answer to the question: Asheron's Call is my 1st all time favorite MMORPG. That game was awesome!! The developers constantly provided new quests each month. This was the first MMORPG to have a monthly quest system. Was great items /...
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    Finally Here

    Finally got on the forum! Took me over an hour to create my account, because I had my spam protection on my email account and it deleted the activation email. The forum software here has no way to replace a deleted activation email so you end up in the equivalent of forum purgatory! Unable to...