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    Spore's DRM Protection Not Exactly Paying Off

    I wonder what would happen if you played an insane amount of Spore and so it validated a lot? Like many thousands of times? ... a second? Inquiring minds want to know. Do you think EA would get THAT message? :D
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    Funpidgin Released, Fixes Crippled Pidgin Feature

    Time to look for a new integrated IM I guess! I've been using Pidgin for a while now and this fork really makes me think that the Pidgin managers are tools. Also, it's about as stable as a biped. Try to do anything outside its stable core and it just falls over. Guess it's back to...
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    Canada To Tax Legal Music Downloads

    Yep, add a tax to make sure people pirate stuff instead of buying it! Brilliant move... So shortsighted, Canadian politicians might even think it's their own ideas!
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    OS X Leopard Due Out This Month? Canadian iPhone En Route As Well?

    I read a magazine article that says there are customer advocacy groups (in Canada at least) that are starting to make the claim that 'locked' phones are illegal - after all, you own the phone even if the phone company sold it to you at an important discount. I hope they win their cause and we...
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    Amiga OS5 To Best Mac OS X

    Maybe they should call up Palm and tell them to drop the vapourware next-gen Palm OS for the Amiga OS. :) In fact I would love to run AmigaOS on my Palm... Anybody has an emulator? I can run C=64 games on it with frodo, but AmigaOS would rule. :)
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    OS X Leopard Due Out This Month? Canadian iPhone En Route As Well?

    Besides, why not buy US iPhones and just replace the firmware with Canuck firmware? The whole thing seems even more insane to me because I usually shop for days for a good cell phone and so far I've always ended up buying the cheapest one (or the 50$ one with provider plans) because they are...
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    Radiohead Fans Can Choose Price For New Album

    As if any further proof of Radiohead's brilliance was needed! :D Although... I might download the album first to see if it's any good before I'll buy it. :) Some of their newer stuff has been... ah... unfortunate. :confused:
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    CONTEST: Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® Beta Keys!

    Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® Beta Key Please What the heck, showing support again. :) Has anybody played it yet?
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    Photonic Thruster concept appears to be proven

    As a matter of fact, no, I don't believe so. The problem with cooling in space is that you can only cool using radiated heat... So basically, it's probably already water cooled. :)
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    So... I was just watching the news...

    She studied on how to kill a baby, but she doesn't have the mental capacity to be charged for murder? Geeesh, what will it take? That she lacked emotional capacity, now that's pretty obvious...
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    Photonic Thruster concept appears to be proven

    I'll be amazed when they do actually launch a mission to establish a base on Mars with this. Working prototypes are nice, but I want to go to Mars people! Get working! :D
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    CONTEST: K2 Network Game DVD

    K2 Network - Gamers First! Not sure why I'd want a DVD with stuff I can download for free off the net, but I just thought I'd join in and show some support to Geekgirl & Techgage :D
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    Top Gear versus Rednecks

    People everywhere are the same... It doesn't have anything to do with race, culture, language or anything. I think it's genetic - as long as you're a human being, you hate your government. :)
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    Top Gear versus Rednecks

    You make a good point! We should follow all go extreme redneck and get rid of everyone who doesn't speak french! (/irony)
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    iPhone thoughts

    Sorry, rebranded wasn't the correct word. My point is that there's nothing special about the iPhone's hardware (apart from the full-length touch screen) that is special, only the software makes it "better" than other phones.
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    Anybody else try to get 3 years out of their computer?

    I *try* to update every 2 years... I end up updating every 4 because there's always this "new thing" coming next month or something. And I'm a software developper so fast hardware is important! I just announ ced to friends and family that I was getting a new computer and they all said I...
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    iPhone thoughts

    As far as I can tell, the iPhone is a rebranded/repackaged Samsung phone. Most of the chips inside are made by Samsung in any case, so apart from the software there isn't really anything to set this phone apart from the other phones it copies...
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    I'm a Mac. I'm a PC...

    I have to show that one to my pinguin friends!
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    Anyone using Opera?

    Because people are idiots. :) If the majority of people are idiots, they will use the product that is most marketed, not the best product. Therefore if you're using something that nobody elses uses, it probably means you're a genius. :)