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  1. KusoSamurai

    Show off your desktop!

    It Explains itself XD
  2. KusoSamurai

    New cards?

    Do you have a source saying that?
  3. KusoSamurai

    CONTEST: Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® Beta Keys!

    Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa® Beta Key Please
  4. KusoSamurai

    Urine-Powered Batteries?

    Keg anyone? :p
  5. KusoSamurai

    Urine-Powered Batteries?

    Are they gonna make Urine powered car batteries?.... or are those not possible?
  6. KusoSamurai

    IRATE Gamer

    wtf? The ending is so random....
  7. KusoSamurai

    Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000

    Just look here
  8. KusoSamurai

    Logitech G9 in the wild?

    wow..... the G9 looks less ergonomic than the G7 and the G5... the new setup of the G15 is pimpin tho cause it looks like they made it have only 10 or so keys on the revision instead of like the 30 they had on the origional. Just my 0.02 cents. :cool:
  9. KusoSamurai

    Hummer Owner Gets Angry Message

    ROFL not surprised it is on rare occasion that you see hummers in the NW.
  10. KusoSamurai

    Logitech G9 in the wild?

    G5 FTW
  11. KusoSamurai


    uhhhh.... wtf?
  12. KusoSamurai

    Ever feel dirty?

    Ewww..... did you actually do that one?
  13. KusoSamurai

    Ever feel dirty?

    Yea, I use Adaware (Not a big fan of spybot...) and even after running a couple of scans xoftspy tends to still find more :D
  14. KusoSamurai

    Ever feel dirty?

    most definetly, tell them to get a program called xoftspy, works GREAT :cool: finds like 300 spyware or so with limewire installed on peoples Pc's. That and I can't really stand fixing peoples pc's.....TOO FRIGGING SLOWWWWWWWWWWW. etc, etc, etc....
  15. KusoSamurai

    Show off your desktop!

    How many TB's of space u have stork?
  16. KusoSamurai

    Anybody else try to get 3 years out of their computer?

    Does the TJ07 come with the water cooling unit or did you add that in yourself and then take the pictures?
  17. KusoSamurai


    Dammit.... I have and 80gig HD Sata tho.....I bought it round this time last year... ****ing Dell...Thank god I upgraded my just to get a 500GB HDD and 2 160GB HD for raid.
  18. KusoSamurai

    In the market for a Quad core upgrade? Check this deal!

    Unless your state doesn't have Taxes :p
  19. KusoSamurai

    How much is too much for a video card?

    What? no DX10 card? hmmm
  20. KusoSamurai

    Custom Laptops........

    Do you mean electrocute or shock? Because getting electrocuted means being killed....