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    Anybody else use only the onboard audio?

    For the last 4 years, I been using only the onboard audio on my computer builds and been liking it. The soundstorm system I had sounded as good as any soundcard I ever tryed, and my current computer system does just as well, if not better, with the onboard audio. It uses less system...
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    Stopping Pirated software - a new approach

    Cognitive Technologies bought themselves a lot of free publicity thru that stunt.
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    Anybody else try to get 3 years out of their computer?

    Hi, I was the guy who started the thread. The point of the thread was about your primary machine. Not old machines that you just happen to have laying around. I was more asking how long do you get out of your primary machine. Myself, I try to get 3 years out of a computer, but often end...
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    Man throws penis at cops

    I would of been a bit concerned about germs. Could be even deadlier then a real gun, if the person throwing it was infected with a contagious disease. Laugh now and you end up dieing later.......
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    BFG 6800GT is hawt!

    Nothing is wrong with his card sensor, BFG cards have serious problems with the crappy heatsink that the manufacturer includes. I made some comments about that in this thread:
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    You know your overclocked went to far when..

    Did you really expect them to admit it? It would be like Microsoft admitting that they release totally buggy software to their users with Version 1, and it is not until Version 2 or 3 of a product before they iron out the bugs. I never seen a version 1 of any Microsoft product work without a...
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    AGEIA @ Game Developers Conference

    It would be a bargain, if any games supported its functions. Be a year atleast before you see any titles get released that make use of its special abilities.
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    Onboard card died last night.

    LOL. No you didn't. What you said was incorrect which I will explain why in a moment. Likewise what you said was covering something different then what I said. You said "it's a pretty good indication that the rest of the board is going to crap out pretty soon". You also...
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    AMD's AM2 vs 939

    I believe if you run memory at 5-2-2-2, it will always be faster then running memory as 5-3-3-3. And the first digit doesn't seem to effect memory speed at all on the Nforce 3 or Nforce 2 chipset motherboards (I currently use a Nforce 3 motherboard). In fact, on a Nforce 3 or Nforce 2...
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    Battlefield 2142

    Wish I could play that game. I enjoyed the original Battlefield. Unfortunately my current system could not handle the new version. I been on a Ti-4200 graphics card, since my piece of junk BFG 6800 card died on me. Have not had the funds to get a new graphics card yet.
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    Coolest keyboard ever?

    A friend of mine owns that exact keyboard. It has a small problem. The ink on the keys is spray-painted on, and after a few months of heavy gaming use it starts to wear off. Looks pretty bad once the inks starts to rub off.
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    How much is too much for a video card?

    How much is too much for a video card? Curious what everyone thinks "too much" would be, when buying a video card.
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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    According to the article, these vendor machines are being placed in grocery stores too? Doesn't sound like a very secured area to me. Atleast nobody has been stupid enough to put any in outside locations yet, but I'm sure someone will. Stupidity of some people, never fails to impress me...
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    Onboard card died last night.

    Since he purchased a X-Fi, I guess he is not going to RMA it? That is not a good idea, because other stuff could go bad on the board. Unless I'm mistaken, usually IO functions + onboard audio is handled by the same chip. If you don't RMA it, you may later find all your IO ports dieing on...
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    You know your overclocked went to far when..

    It was a 6800 Graphics card, but it had the exact same type of heatsink that they use on the 6800 GT cards. I did some research after my card died, and I found out that the heatsink they gave you was a piece of junk. The OEM heatsink was actually better! The only graphics card I ever...
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    Corsair Unveils the World’s Fastest Production DDR2 and DDR1 RAM

    I wonder how many AMD computers are out there already, that use plain DDR? Millions and millions of them, I bet. The memory companies will be selling DDR for a long time still.
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    have a PSU Question

    The Motherboard, Video Card, and the CPU all use the 12 volt line, and I doubt that on a 230 Watt powersupply that you have enough amps to power all three. You can get a nice Rosewill 500 watt powersupply from newegg for 50 bucks. I was you, I wouldn't risk killing my motherboard, cpu or...
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    Thumb Drives

    I run Windows XP on an 8 gigabyte partition. Works excelently, and whenever I get a crash and it needs to re-check the harddrive during bootup it goes SUPER FAST, since it only needs to check the 8 gigabyte partition.
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    Hello, Welcome To The Forums. Have A Bit Of A Sit Down and Introduce Yourselves

    I'm 21 and a computer science major.
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    Windows Media Center Format

    Microsoft probably does that to prevent people from trying to do what you want to do. By using a proprietary format, they prevent people editing or distributing the videos.