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  1. gml_josea

    Valve Updates Steam Hardware Survey

    Hey Rob, woah, I kid of disliked how you wrote that. Basically by saying "Believe that!?" or "This makes no sense to me." you are saying "I don't understand why most of these people don't have super awesome computers". Believe it or not, not everyone is capable of keeping up with the latest...
  2. gml_josea

    Creative: Doing Little to Please Consumers

    I don't either, but I think this is a good time to begin doing so.
  3. gml_josea

    Intel's Latest Tech to Help Decrease Notebook Theft (Hopefully)

    No matter how much security it has, if someone steals your notebook and is interested in the data you have there, he will find a way in. There's nothing 100% safe or secure in this world.
  4. gml_josea

    What to do will all that Hardware from the last build?

    There's one answer: eBay. :)
  5. gml_josea

    Seagate CEO Unimpressed With SSDs for Notebooks

    By the time SSDs are truly affordables, current HDDs will be around 3Tb or something.
  6. gml_josea

    Are SSDs Causing Notebook Defects?

    Apparently those supposed high return rates are lies:
  7. gml_josea

    PS3 Versus Xbox 360

    Of Course ;) Ah, yesterday I found my old Sega Genesis, too bad it doesn't work anymore.
  8. gml_josea

    Wine is close to turning 15!

    It still can't play Simcity 4 completely.... And it's a 2003 game...
  9. gml_josea

    Intel Details Nehalem, Dunnington, Tukwila & Larrabee

    Definitely. Processors technology is advancing too fast for software to catch on.
  10. gml_josea

    PS3 Versus Xbox 360

    First of all, it would be a lot better if you used proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Second, "true gaming facts", heh, no one ever will be able to say certain game is better than another, it's all to the person's tastes. Personally, I would prefer an Xbox 360, it looks nice, it's...
  11. gml_josea

    Where In Quad's Name Are They?

    Wow, Did they teleport you your mobo? :)
  12. gml_josea

    Intel Details Nehalem, Dunnington, Tukwila & Larrabee

    Indeed. I can imagine Intel selling a 32-core processor for +$2000. My pockets are going to cry.
  13. gml_josea

    Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition

    I can't imagine my room's desktop with three displays. Two is nice...three seems way too overwhelming...
  14. gml_josea

    Intel Details Nehalem, Dunnington, Tukwila & Larrabee

    Of course, at this rate we will be seeing 32-core processors by 2013! Honestly, I don't know how long this multi-core madness will go on, someday they will reach a ceiling, and I really want to know what are they going to do after.
  15. gml_josea

    Not bad speeds

    Today I was internet-less for about 4 hours. My ISP probably did something wrong and my entire neighborhood was left without internet connection. That pretty much sucks. At leats it is up and running now. And...hmmm, to answer your question. I'm from Venezuela, you know, in south america.
  16. gml_josea

    Not bad speeds

    Ah, but the difference is that I live in a city. The capital of my country actually.
  17. gml_josea

    Intel Details Nehalem, Dunnington, Tukwila & Larrabee

    Nehalem seems interesting, maybe in 5 years I will be able to buy one.
  18. gml_josea

    Not bad speeds

    =(, I must have the slowest connection here.
  19. gml_josea

    Advice requested.......

    WD hard drives can get...weird. I have a WD 80 GB SATA hard drive, someday it decided to not boot anymore, and when ti managed to boot, weird stuff happened. After a couple of days it fixed itself. o.o
  20. gml_josea

    Intel to Launch First Mobile Quad-Core in Q3?

    Dang, those laptops are gonna get very hot, it will be interesting to see how they handle cooling.