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    HP Laserjet 4 won't work

    Thanks, found that one, safely stowed in pdf rather heady is a service manual....hope to scrounge up a users manual a little easier to wrap my tiny mind around. heh. Hopes I can figure it out, have almost 3 cartridges so dats a heap of printing. I have a hard time reading...
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    HP Laserjet 4 won't work

    Must be a village idiot, got this for nada, lady said it works great...hooked added via add print nada, anyone happen to have the user manual laying about?
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    Gee Thanks

    Don't seem like were 21 just a few months ago? Happy Belated B-Day
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    Mugshot Page

    I pretty much figured you were, but then a bit'o a pause at thy sig...THUMper could imply...haha. And I have known blokes who thought a knock down drag out on the weekend was the ultimate fun, something I never been able to fathom. Don't like getting bruised and battered myself, and always found...
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    Overclocking and Data Corruption?

    This is something I am not quite clear on. If I got it right the problem is due to pci and maybe the agp buss speeds increasing with the fsb overclock on the memory if they are lockable this fixes the issue? Have computer upgrades in process for my sons. Not thinking of overclocking the...
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    Survey Contest E-mail Clarification

    Is nice to know I was not the only one not the brightest bauble in da bowl and if there were a Village Idiots Union, would be It's international president heheh. For the Monty Python fans here, thought it was time to dust off the old Twit headgear and uniform after Rob emailed me...
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    New Bill passed for Homeland Security

    ROFL.....loved that, spewed coffee all over my kb and monitor, ah well least did not issue forth from me nostrils as well.
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    Post Your car.

    Cars (cages) are a necessary evil :p here in the northwoods, and since cannot afford to get the scoot back up, no garage and not paying a shop for all the labor I could do, could ride all year round when I lived in Chicago. Though unplowed side streets and alleys could be a bit tricky, and...
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    Making note to never order from
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    Mugshot Page

    Never found fighting to be all that much fun, and is a very risky thing since I lost a wrestling match with a 4000Lb 4140 gear blank forging and a mucked up hoist/crane with a 180 degree swing a few years ago and wracked up my spine, even less fond of being paralyzed from the right buttock down...
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    Takes my credit union 7 business days for a pending charge to release. This being a debit card, but the policies would probably be the same for a credit card proper. A debit is usually pretty much an instant or near instant transfer to the merchant. In my experience if the etailer has...
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    Techgage 3rd Birthday Contest

    I had not heard of that one, but recall storage using virus shells.....
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    About the 3rd birthday contest

    Nah I am from Chicago originally, been stuck in the hinterlands of west central wisconsin for around the last 15 years. Only been to IN to protest oh whenever it was Duarte (El Salvador) was recieving an honaray degree from Notre Damn, sometime in the '79 to '82 time frame, oldytymers and...
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    Mugshot Page

    What's left of me, not quite dead yet, undetermined if getting better....if it works anyway..don't keep images on line these days...
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    Your favorite movie(s)?

    Just for starters: in no particular order 1: Land and Freedom 2: Wind That Shakes The Barley 3: Rosa Luxemburg 4: Motorcycle Diaries 5: Braveheart 6: Syriana 7: Constant Gardener 8: Babel 9: Reds 10: Matewan 11: Monty Python: & The Holy Grail, Life of Brian, The Meaning of Life 12...
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    About the 3rd birthday contest

    Thanks Rob, Makes sense the PM thing, can help keep drive Trolls away Emailed ya 'bout the entry verification.... Now to go off topic but what da hey..... Comandante Joe (for Joe Strummer) by Attila The Stockbroker I guess in quite a lot of ways I grew up just like you A...
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    About the 3rd birthday contest

    Wuh Oh, Rob, Can't use the PM function to make sure am entered correctly, I used a different email than my forum registration, for the survey. Just wanna be sure am in the running, odds are slim and long I know, but tis the only way a disabled working man can get their hands on such a system...
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    About the 3rd birthday contest

    Was just wondering if there was to be a confimation email after completing the survey? Assume no problem using an email other than the one in my member profile? Did not want to use that one as it gets alot of traffic, and well would be maddening come the winner announcement period...everytime...