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  1. Jen McPherson

    In need of a little assistance.

    Hi everyone. So this morning I turn on my PC and to my wonderful surprise my system is not using the graphics card, and my screen's graphics are all wonky (little dashes, pixel spots, lines, etc.) along with an epic max 800x600 resolution. I have the error: Code 10, Device cannot start...
  2. Jen McPherson

    Looking for a new card, any suggestions?

    Hey guys! :) I'm looking to get a new graphics card for my system. I've scaled back on gaming since I started school, but I do get in a game every now and then and all I get is lag, lag, lag. I have to drop my card settings down considerably to even enjoy things... and then the game just...
  3. Jen McPherson

    You are a Pirate!

    Just watch it, you'll get a good laugh. ^^ The song is actually from a kids show called Lazy Town. The artist is Fred Perry of the Gold Digger series. Enjoy ;)!_full%5b1%5d.swf
  4. Jen McPherson

    Hehe... Weird Al XD

    Sorry, have to share this. Yes... its funny. Enjoy. ^^
  5. Jen McPherson

    Square Enix wants a three-way race

    Article located here: Sounds interesting, though PS3 is getting quite the boost with the FF titles. Of course I'm actually liking the titles for the Wii better. So who knows. Kingdom Hearts will be a tough one, as I'm sure Sony will be putting a...
  6. Jen McPherson

    Video Card Help

    Ok, my brother just got a new video card for his birthday. Its a Sapphire Radeon 9250, 256 mb, 4x. He keeps getting this error: "This device cannot find enough free recources that it can use. (Code 12) If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on...
  7. Jen McPherson

    Tiny... Plaid... Ninjas!!

    Ok, this is wayyyyy off any form of tech subject what-so-ever. So, have you seen the Tiny Plaid Ninjas? They are rather amusing... I like'm. I suggest you take a peek and see for yourself. ^^ ... Floral ninja RULES! XD "Weeeeeeeeeee! Yeah!"
  8. Jen McPherson

    Archlord Beta

    I'm not sure how many are watching the MMO scene, but as you know lately MMO's are becoming a dime a dozen, and with less and less 'OOOOMPFH!' and more "pffffttttt *fizzle-pop*'. Archlord is a new MMO set for release real soon, and will be going into open beta on special for FilePlanet...
  9. Jen McPherson


    I'm sorry to all you mac lovers out there ;) But... this is so damn hillarious. I was busting a gut. Watch... and enjoy!
  10. Jen McPherson

    Proof PC's are Evil... Happy Halloween!

    I know... I know. You hate DA Rob. I wouldn't subject you to its vileness unless I felt it warranted it, but it is worth the evilness of it to see this wicked case mod. It so suits this holiday. Happy halloween for those who celebrate it...
  11. Jen McPherson

    The Noob Comics

    Ahh... the good ol'days of gaming. When everything was new and the vast realms constructed of pixels were overwealming, and banderlings in AC made me want to wet myself in fright... Heh... well, anyway for those of you who like to relive those moments, and get a few good laughs read this...
  12. Jen McPherson

    What is the hardest game you've EVER played?

    Ok, title says it all. This can be any game from any system, from the old atari systems to now. What is the hardest game you've EVER played? Here is my number one game. I'll think of more though, trust me ^^ Two words. Battle Toads. This game for the nintendo was the hardest game...
  13. Jen McPherson

    Tabula Rasa- Slaughtered

    <rant> I had been rather excited about the fantasy scifi title Tablua Rasa for months, as Deathspawner very well knows. I'd prod him all the time for info on how it was going. I had even won a poster signed by the TR crew and a concept art cover by the artist. When they said they were...
  14. Jen McPherson

    Pwn Guild Wars

    Ok, I will be playing this game for sure. Did the final beta event and it was a blast. The PvP was awesom, so much fun. Many of the people were really great about it, while you had those few poor sports who gave up when the going got tough. One time all my group members left me, so I was...
  15. Jen McPherson

    Hehe, this is great :) I wasn't sure if it would go under gaming, so I just stuck it here. It gave me a good laugh, since I'm a big Final Fantasy fan :) Enjoy!
  16. Jen McPherson

    ImageReader ISA Driver

    Ok, I have a scanner. It is an old scanner my dad gave me a couple years ago. It is a INFO ImageReader ISA. I am unable to use it with windows XP, I can only find drivers for it in 95, 98 and 98-SE. Now I would go buy a new one... but I'm broke. Broke don't even begin to describe it...