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    trouble with Western Digital hard disk

    I am having a strange time with my hard disk, recently I have found one of my hard disks missing (it is used to store my iTunes music on) - I initially thought it could be some obscure windows 7 problem but the HDD is not there in BIOS. The disk has reappeared and Windows 7 sees it yesterday...
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    IDT Audio issues and Windows XP

    Has anyone experienced any problems with Windows XP and IDT audio? I have a D5400XS motherboard and the IDT audio subsystem is driving me nuts - sometimes in the past it doesn't work after startup, and I have to uninstall both the IDT audio and KB835221 High Definition Audio Package, switch...
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    DVD thinks certain populated disks are blank

    I have a small problem at the moment, for some reason, my DVD-RAM drive (NEC ND-4571A) thinks that some populated disks (backups of my mothers digital photos from my old system) are blank. A good few weeks back, I used the same DVD-RAM drive read them no problem at all, and a few days back, I...