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  1. Greg King

    How Do I Downgrade From Windows 10?

    Late acknowledgement but great write up, Rory. It's good to see you around here. For those that don't wish to have Win10 installed on their PCs, knowingly or unknowingly, write ups like these are excellent.
  2. Greg King

    Anyone using Thunderbolt storage?

    It's been out for a while but I'm curious if anyone out there is using Thunderbolt connected external devices.
  3. Greg King

    OS X is now FREE for ever!

    I'm going to necro-bump this threat starting now.... Mavericks was free, in my opinion, as a reaction to Microsoft releasing 8.1 as a free upgrade to the masses that were already running Win 8. For me, Mavericks as been nothing but trouble. At work, my displaylink drivers were shit until new...
  4. Greg King

    Organ Trail!

    I have been playing this game on my iPhone for a couple of months and it's been a lot of fun. I love that they actually stop in Indianapolis. Go Horse!
  5. Greg King

    Movies Thread!!

    Oh no...... I have agreed with most everything you have posted, ever, but we part ways on this some of this one. Oblivion... I thought it was a GREAT movie. Not a classic, but a great movie nonetheless. 8/10 World War Z... having read the book, this movie was nothing but a let down. They...
  6. Greg King

    The PC that would never turn off and how I saved the world ?
  7. Greg King

    OCZ's President and CEO Ryan Petersen Resigns

    Alex is a super guy and I'm certain he will lead them forward without issue. So long Ryan, and thanks for all the smokes. We wish you the best of luck going forward.
  8. Greg King

    The *Official* I'm Pumped For Borderlands 2 Thread AKA Here's My Wallet, Randy!

    Got my steam code this morning and I'm pre-loaded, ready to go. :) The 660ti will be installed when I get home from work so bring on the game!
  9. Greg King

    Half-Life Total Conversion 'Black Mesa' Released

    Oh my! There has certainly been a buzz surrounding this project.
  10. Greg King

    Half-Life Total Conversion 'Black Mesa' Released

    Sweet Jesus. I cannot wait to play this.
  11. Greg King

    The *Official* I'm Pumped For Borderlands 2 Thread AKA Here's My Wallet, Randy!

    Just ordered a 660 ti.... FINALLY upgrading. EVGA SuperClocked with a free voucher for Borderlands 2. Does anyone know if these will be Steam vouchers or will I have to download directly? I'm hoping I can tie it to my Steam account. Regardless, I cannot wait!
  12. Greg King

    i5 3570K or i7 3770K

    The i5 has been in my cart for a few days now :) I just needed to hear another's opinion. I don't expect to see much of an improvement over the 2500K, I just want to up the specs of my ESXi host.
  13. Greg King

    i5 3570K or i7 3770K

    Gang, I'm at a crossroads. I am going to upgrade my main machine and delegate the 2500K to my ESXi box. Do any of you have a preference and can you talk me into getting the i5 over the more expensive i7? Conversely, can you talk me out of getting the i7 over the cheaper i5? GO!
  14. Greg King

    Apple Unveils iPhone 5; Sports 4-inch Retina Display, LTE, A6 CPU

    I am pre-ordering this tomorrow. 32GB, AT&T and black. I am only doing so because I am up for renewal on my contract and I want LTE when I tether. Aside from that, I could care less. It's pretty, but they have all been pretty at launch. I don't care for the added heigth and the resolution...
  15. Greg King

    Western Digital Red NAS Hard Drive Review

    Drives are drives :) I use nothing but WD green drives and I haven't ever experienced any HD related bottleneck. That said, I won't get anything but Red drives gong forward, if for no other reason then the warranty.
  16. Greg King

    The Rebirth of PC Gaming - Bring on the Modders!

    Very nice read Jamie. I loved all the points you made. Another game that comes to mind is Minecraft. I cannot grasp how it's so damned popular but seeing as it's very nature is open, it goes to show how much time, effort and emotion people are willing to put into a game they have control in...
  17. Greg King

    Wacom Intuos5 touch Medium Tablet Review

    Jen! It's awesome to see your name among the active, living Techgage peoples! Oh, and great review BTW.