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  1. TheCrimsonStar

    Having an issue with NAT

    From what I can see, you should check to see if both your router AND cable modem have NAT enabled. If that's the case, then there's your problem. You probably already know this, but I'll put it here anyway for explanation's sake. Most routers and modems use NAT so that multiple devices on the...
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    Next-Gen Xbox Rumored to Include Blu-ray and Dual AMD GPUs

    Seems pretty cool how they may be doing the CPU and GPU setup. Now about the's going to fail BIG time. It's WAY too easy to bypass anti-piracy measures and I guarantee within a WEEK of this being released there will be a way around it. It was only a few days after the 360 was...
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    Ohhh I'm so getting this.
  4. TheCrimsonStar

    New video card recommendations?

    3D is a little too pricey for a lot of people, including me. :p I still play on a 19.6 inch widescreen Acer. lol
  5. TheCrimsonStar

    New video card recommendations?

    You said 27" to 30" right? Here's a good one. ASUS makes some of the best monitors out there: And if you wanna go the 3D route (MUCH pricier), this one is great:
  6. TheCrimsonStar

    New video card recommendations?

    I'm with Brett and Doomsday. The 560 Ti would probably be a better choice since you get another gig of ram for around $20. As for your older CPU being a bottleneck, I wouldn't worry about it unless you tried to get something like a GTX 580 running max @ 1080p or above. My clan leader is running...
  7. TheCrimsonStar

    GIGABYTE Launches North American Battlefield 3 Competition

    Sweet. I'm too busy to compete, but I posted it in the TKC forums. They may have a go at it.
  8. TheCrimsonStar

    Gearbox Releases Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer

    *watches trailer* *pre-orders* *twitch*
  9. TheCrimsonStar

    I need DDR2 Memory

    I had some but it was in my last PC and I have no clue where the RAM for it disappeared to.
  10. TheCrimsonStar

    If you thought that one server rule was bad...

    Oh boy I'll get banned if I go there! :p
  11. TheCrimsonStar

    Car question!

    Actually the guy sold it to someone else without warning, so I picked up a '96 Civic for $1300. Putting in a new clutch and tire tomorrow. This thing was used for racing. It's got coilovers, cold air intake, 18" rims with LP tires, and other mods as well. It's got a bypass switch for the...
  12. TheCrimsonStar

    Car question!

    Ok I'm picking up a used '94 Acura Integra this week. I'm going to be adding a cold air intake system to it. Some people recommend using a bypass valve in case the filter may become submerged in water. Thing is, I'm not sure if I should worry about it or not. I live in Tennessee, and I don't...
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    Canada's SOPA Counterpart This is like SOPA but with some extra twists.
  14. TheCrimsonStar

    Tom Brady is so kind

    LOL. Caption fail....FTW.
  15. TheCrimsonStar

    Time is Running Out Fast to Speak Out Against SOPA

    That's exactly what these bills were. SOPA was created and first introduced in 2010 under a different name. It was shelved, modifications were made, then it was reintroduced with it's own Senate counterpart PIPA a few months ago. Won't be long before it comes back.
  16. TheCrimsonStar

    Time is Running Out Fast to Speak Out Against SOPA
  17. TheCrimsonStar

    Sonic the Hedgehog games on sale at Steam

    DUDE I GREW UP ON THESE *nostalgia* I have all the ones from the Genesis collection...for my Genesis :p I also have Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic 3D blast on my PC.
  18. TheCrimsonStar

    Hacktivists with group Anonymous attack US government sites

    Minutes after Megaupload was taken down, the hackers with Anonymous retaliated en masse. Here's the official statement from them: Then a bunch of info (addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc) on Chris Dodd, his wife AND children (creepy....) along with numbers/addresses to the MPAA offices around...
  19. TheCrimsonStar

    Department of Justice Shuts Down File-Sharing Site MegaUpload

    And hacktivists with the group Anonymous retaliated en masse. They took down a bunch of government websites and music/video industry sites. So far UMG and HADOPI are still down.
  20. TheCrimsonStar

    Dear Esther - A Gorgeous Story-Driven Game That Makes You Think

    Wooooah. This looks like a great game.