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    First new build in 4 years

    It would start to melt again, though the pressure between the heat sink and CPU would keep it from seeping around. Further, in the event that any were to seep out, it would be caught by the plastic barrier that comes with the application. (It's basically a square shaped card with the center...
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    First new build in 4 years

    The case hasn't been released yet, though it has been featured at CES2010 and PAX East. Basically, it's a revamp of the 1200 and its sister case, the DF-30, is the equivalent for the 900. I'm budgeting high for the time being, though I'm hoping it'll be closer to the $180-200 side of the...
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    First new build in 4 years

    I'm going with an Antec case to take advantage of the amazing CP-850, which outperforms even the top-end PSUs while costing about as much as a 750W unit. I'll admit the DF-85 exterior is overdone, but it looks like it has great airflow, and I keep my tower under my desk anyway, so aesthetics...
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    First new build in 4 years

    Hello all, Seeing as I didn't win that awesome 980x computer (*shakes fist at lady luck*), I'm finishing my build list for my new rig. I've spent a couple months researching and pricing components, and I think I've got a pretty solid plan. Case: Antec DF-85 Budgeting $249.99 PSU: Antec...
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    Could the iPad Replace a PC for a Businessperson?

    While the iPad isn't up to the task of replacing a standard laptop/pc, I do see it or similar devices filling certain niches in the business environment. With my experience working in hospitals, I can say that physicians and therapists would greatly benefit from a more accessible portable...
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    If you can find one, get a Gen1 or Gen2 PSP and hack it with a custom firmware. Mine runs NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and DOS emulators, and you can even run PSX isos on it.
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    Heatsink testing methodology

    Besides Intel's own marketing, I'd look at Valve's Steam Hardware Survey. While it doesn't explicitly differentiate between sockets, it does give a unique perspective into the "average gamer" and their rig. Here are some excerpts: Processor Vendor Intel - 69.49% AMD - 30.51% Intel...
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    AMD to Launch "Turbo Core" Mode with Six-Core Processors

    Last I remember, they're trying to leapfrog the 32nm process and go straight from 45nm to 22nm.
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    The only console I still use is my PSP with custom firmware; I hate closed systems.
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    Twitter Unveils Money-Making Scheme: Promoted Tweets

    It's only a matter of time before someone writes up a Greasemonkey script to remove them.
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    American Technology, Inc. sues U.S. e-/retailers for patent infringement

    I'm sure that in the case of patent trolling, the trolling company will wait until there is an established profit from the product in question. After all, what's the point in suing for $2 million in damages when you can wait another 3-4 years and sue for $20 million? It's things like this...
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    American Technology, Inc. sues U.S. e-/retailers for patent infringement

    You can read the full story over on [H]ardOCP It appears as though the plaintiff (American Technology, Inc.) is attempting to make some quick tort profits off of e-tailers and retailers in the U.S. that sell CPU coolers that use heat pipes. While they claim to have a patent (specifically, US...
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    FRAPS 3.2 Introduces Buffered Video Recording

    This feature will definitely come in handy after I finish building my recording/editing rig! It'll make for less wasted disk space while recording boss fights for my WoW guild.
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    Think your PC is dirty?

    The worst I have ever seen was a computer that this guy smoked next to (tower on the desk next to him) for five years. You know all those pictures of the stuff that builds up in smokers' lungs? It gets inside computers, too. Yuck.
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    What EXACTLY are multiple cores?

    My understanding of HyperThreading is that it only kicks in when a core's "main" process is stuck waiting for data from memory, and instead of leaving that core idle and waiting, it switches off to a backup process. To use the library analogy: I walk up to the help desk for assistance...