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  1. b1lk1


    Rob, we gotta catch up. My life has been fubar and crawling back out from under my rock. Will log on to IRC as soon as I read the stickies and figure it out again. We gotta have a private chat...
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    THE GTX 580's ARE OUT!!!

    It seems they still have the "better at ALL costs no matter the cost" philosophy and with a looming second recession wave I don't see many lining up for high end stuff from either company. Atleast ATI floods the midrange market.
  3. b1lk1

    THE GTX 580's ARE OUT!!!

    What pricing stupidity if you ask me. It makes no sense, I don't care HOW good it performs, to sell a card for this much money when your competition is selling excellent cards for 1/2 the cost. These may be good for the "I want the best no matter the cost" consumer (which is less than 5% of...
  4. b1lk1

    Recent RIAA Case: $1.5 Million for Sharing 24 Songs

    YOU'LL ALL WALK THE PLANK MATEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. b1lk1

    NVIDIA Cuts Fermi Quadro Pricing by 50%

    Now, realizing I do understand nothing in the comsumer market could properly use it, but why can't we hve 6GB memory equipped cards for gaming? That is nucking futs!!!! (and so are the prices......)
  6. b1lk1

    Recent RIAA Case: $1.5 Million for Sharing 24 Songs

    I still say if people cannot take the time to properly secure their computer and erase their tracks online, especially those that do illegal things, deserve their punishments. Sure the fines are excessive, even the 25K fine was excesive, but they ARE comitting a crime. You cannot excuse that...
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    I wonder ...

    I read what you wrote very clearly. I also can see where it will behoove website owners to actually work hard to maintain their sites to protect their clients AND it will also lend to people being more proactive in protecting their favorite sites. I understand that what we are discussing is...
  8. b1lk1

    What Happens When an MMO Dies?

    If/when Trackmania ever dies, a large piece of my gaming heart will go with it and it could very well alter the way I use my PC from there on out. I'm not even trying to bea drama queen, I sometimes go for weeks only turning on my personal PC just to play that game.
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    I wonder ...

    I am 50/50 that I think the loss of net anonymity would be a bad thing for these reasons: 1. I really believe that the net is full of activists that really enjoy starting trouble more than helping a cause. 2. We cannot live our daily lives in the real world in anonymity so why is it so...
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    NZXT Sentry LXE Touch-Screen Fan Controller

    Hmmmm, I will try this as well although my fans scale just fine with the settings.
  11. b1lk1

    I wonder ...

    You'd sure see a helluva lot less trolls since they wouldn't be able to hide as easily.
  12. b1lk1

    GIGABYTE UD9 4Way SLI/SSD SuperCombo

    $699 for a motherboard?????? This is a sure ripoff, that thing better give me a reach around after I install it for that price.
  13. b1lk1

    NZXT Sentry LXE Touch-Screen Fan Controller

    Hmmmm. I am surprised you are having this issue, but I have come across it with some of NZXT's other controllers. Some fans do not scale well when you start cutting the voltage and they tend to just hit a spot and shut down. I know I currently use some cheapo 120mm fans for my testing and...
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    Testing out Netflix's Canadian Service

    Not to dredge up old posts, but I saw this on my PS3 and gave ti a go and I am hooked. All I need now is to upgrade my internet to more bandwidth monthly and I am very much all set. I'm just waiting for another payday to call my ISP to do the upgrade. I really like the range of stuff...
  15. b1lk1

    Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Cooler

    Read it closely guys, the REAL problems are with S1156 boards. Most others do have the clearance needed.
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    Is that Bill Gates staring back at you in Outlook 2010?

    You gotta love it!!!!
  17. b1lk1

    Corsair H70 CPU Cooler Follow-up Tests

    I noticed little change in other operating temperatures of my particular setup. As always, your results will vary depending on your particular chassis and air flow pattern, but I still stand by my statement that there is little difference in overall system temperatures. As long as you have...
  18. b1lk1

    How many of you run an OC'd PC?

    I've been away from OCing for some time, but now that I built a retro rig with a wimpy E6300 I won;t rest until it is running 3.2Ghz+ stable.
  19. b1lk1

    North Sea Jazz 2010 in Rotterdam, Holland

    Douwe! Come to Toronto for a beer man! Good to see you still around, hope you're enjoying yourself!
  20. b1lk1

    Skullcandy TiTAN Earbuds

    I cannot get used to wearing earbuds. They aggravate my ears after a short time no matter how I try them.