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  1. Jakal

    Cooler Master to Use 'Horizontal Vapor Chambers' in Future CPU Coolers

    I'm very interested to see how this goes. Newer processors are running cooler so having more efficient heat displacement should make pushing these chips easier. There has to be a break point at which coolant no longer vaporizes though. and cooling beyond that has little gain. Boil points of...
  2. Jakal

    Integrated Graphics a Thing of the... Future..?

    Great post Thar, and good point here specifically. Consoles are offering even more connectivity options and simplify the gaming experience. I think this positively affects the laptop market. If all you need a computer for is documents, pictures, and web browsing, and that computer is portable...
  3. Jakal

    Integrated Graphics a Thing of the... Future..?

    I was speaking more from an overall perspective with current-gen options. You are right on the money when it comes to encoding and rendering. The higher the better. It's one reason I said: I have as much fun as the next guy pushing my components to reach a good overclock. It's like buy a car...
  4. Jakal

    SysAdmin Corner: Demystifying RAID

    RAID 5 looks attractive. If I understand it correctly, you can achieve similar/better data transfer for game loading while still retaining redundancy.
  5. Jakal

    Microsoft Accused of Wasting $70K in Power to Avoid Fine

    Sorry MadMat if that's what it seemed I was implying. I meant no offense. :o I was just trying to point out it was the power company forcing Microsoft's hand. You have a good point, and I've seen the same type of contractual use pricing/charges. Still, Microsoft took the most cost-effective...
  6. Jakal

    SysAdmin Corner: Demystifying RAID

    Really great and simplified write-up Brett. I already decided to go with a RAID setup with my in next build before you wrote this up. I was considering 3-4 SSDs in RAID for OS/apps, and using my current HDDs for misc files. I like the idea of RAID 0 for games though and will explore that...
  7. Jakal

    Integrated Graphics a Thing of the... Future..?

    Z77 vs X79 The Z77 supports 3rd Gen Intel Core processors, native USB 3.0, and better storage support, while X79 supports the 'Enthusiast' LGA2011 cpus, quad DDR memory controller, and native 2 x16 PCIe bandwidth. Let's be honest here. We're at a point in CPU progression where overclocking is...
  8. Jakal

    Microsoft Accused of Wasting $70K in Power to Avoid Fine

    Then be upset with the power company. Microsoft was saving money by using $70k of power. I agree, but it's possible they needed the power for production. I wouldn't call it 'extra' cash. It's money they expected to make based on projected power consumption, i.e. income, that they would have...
  9. Jakal

    Integrated Graphics a Thing of the... Future..?

    As someone still using a Core2 processor and ready to upgrade I want to learn as much as I could about the upcoming Haswell chips. My search began with expected release dates and moved on to the chips updated architecture and improvements. I stopped to post this once I learned about the...
  10. Jakal

    Microsoft Accused of Wasting $70K in Power to Avoid Fine

    Working in the industry field I understand the why this happened. Microsoft has a contract with their power supplier for so many kW hours at such a price. Power plants produce based on expected customer demands. Using less results in the power company not meeting an expected income target. I've...
  11. Jakal

    Apple's iPad 3 Rumored to Launch in March

    I read just fine..
  12. Jakal

    How long will it take this candle to burn down?

    30 hours is my guess... Probably closer to 40 though.
  13. Jakal

    PushOver Plunge dub

    Can't beat toilet humor! I love these parodies. The group has progressed well since the start.
  14. Jakal

    Intel Releases Sandy Bridge-E Processors & X79 Express Chipset

    It'd be nice to see all available cores being efficiently used. It's obviously the goal of programers and certainly the reason for having multiple cores and threads. Games, especially, need the extra oomph. End users like being able to tab between game, desktop, and other apps without system...
  15. Jakal

    Eggnog > Everything

    Egg nog is most delicious, and I have obviously chosen the wrong time of the year to cut calories, carbs, sugars.. yeah... all the tasty things. :mad:
  16. Jakal

    Razer Announces Long-Overdue Peripheral Settings Cloud Service

    Why did they even go through the trouble to set that service up? If you save your profile to your computer you can just load it to a different mouse... How often have you went to a LAN party and your mouse DIDN'T work? I have never once had that issue. AND If there's no way to share you profile...
  17. Jakal

    Managing Your Files on Android with ES File Explorer

    This app is pretty much a must for anyone who wants to manage files on their Droid. I've owned an EVO 4G since it's release and ES File Explorer has been the best file manager I've come across. EStrongs has been around since the beginning of the Droid platform and support several well supported...
  18. Jakal

    Jamie Appreciation Day

    To show our valued appreciation for our resident over-achieving, riot-starting, fun-tastic Brit, I'd like to start a thread for members to show their appreciation, thanks, and love for Jamie Fletcher. I'll start with admiration for hit comical wit and humor, as I like much of the classic dry...
  19. Jakal

    The good ole days?

    VooDoo5 5500 64MB of raw video processing power. AGP style none-the-less :D ! If these youngin's think dual gpu cards are a new idea.. 3dfx was rocking the VooDoo5 5000, 5500 and 6000 (a rare card) with multiple processors. This was also the first implementation of SLi. Ahhhh.... The good old...
  20. Jakal

    Cox gravestone