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  1. Optix

    blu-ray player software and drive recommendation

    Hey JessieMay. Sorry your request sat unanswered for so long. I use Power DVD. I'm not 100% sold on the image quality, but it's the one that seems to be the easiest to operate with the least amount of headaches. There's a good chance that if you buy a retail Blu-ray player it'll come with...
  2. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    The RAM settings haven't changed though. Still same frequency, timings, and voltage. It must be something else not jiving with the IMC. It's hard to say just what MSI's OC Genie tweaks.
  3. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    Well something is certainly off either in the application, or my system. I ran it again with the CPU overclocked and actually scored lower. I'll rerun the test again at stock and see if I can replicate the score from before, but that's low on the list of things to do right now. Very flakey...
  4. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    That would do it, yup. Now that I'm running at 4Ghz, I'll have to run the test again. Surely 200mhz won't make that much of a difference. Still, I thought the new architecture of the 4690K at stock would have put up more of a fight against my old 3750K. Just for kicks I decided to pump things...
  5. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    As a little update, I've since swapped my rig into a Corsair Graphite 380T, but the rest of the components remain the same. I did have to send my GPU in for an RMA however, and after about a week am back in action. For shits and giggles I decided to cheap out and do some easy overclocking...
  6. Optix

    Hardware Heaven Christmas Competition 2014

    It has been a while since I've entered a competition. Maybe I'll see what kind of swag they have and what the prereqs are for entering.
  7. Optix

    Anyone using Thunderbolt storage?

    From what I read a year or so ago from the article below, mechanical drives are the bottle neck and SSDs are, in my opinion, still to expensive per GB to make them feasible to use as an external drive. It just doesn't...
  8. Optix

    Beer Thread!

    Last night I picked up some organic honey beer called Honey Dew (pics to follow), but consuming it had to be put on hold when my boy ended up being sick...again. Chances are I won't be able to get at it until Tuesday. Good thing there's a dozen Innis & Gunn in the fridge to keep it company.
  9. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    /presses the power button
  10. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    I already have plans to swap out the case. If you think this one looks good, wait until you see the next!
  11. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    Update: Yes, I already have an update, but that's only because this rig has been built and running super stable for the last 4 days. Here's a new shot of the updated cable management. A close up of said cable management. And the same on the back side. Still no overclocking results...
  12. Optix

    Planned versus consequential upgrades

    My answer is a combination of two - I replace what fails, but for the most part, NOW I go from new rig to new rig. That is of course subject to change based on the thickness of my wallet.
  13. Optix

    Bang The Box! (Mini-ITX Build Log)

    No, bang the box isn't something that you might find in the dark corners of the Internet. It's my new mini-ITX build, which I have to admit right off the hop, is all Rob's fault. ;) It seems longer than just to summers ago when I built another i5-based system. That one was more geared toward...
  14. Optix

    Keyboard Quandary

    I'm a certified non-believer in mechanical switch technology. It's just too loud. Lately I find that even membrane keyboards tend to be too clicky for my tastes, but then again I've always been a really fast, really heavy typer. I've been clocked at 115 WPM. Own horn <--- TOOT, TOOT! Give...
  15. Optix

    Beer Thread!

    Gotta love it when a staff member bumps a beer thread. I need to go through the shots on my phone and pull out all of the different kinds of I&G that I've had over the last couple of years.
  16. Optix

    Modified a laptop to hold my Nexus 5.

    Cool idea. It makes me want to mod my laptop, but then I remember that the higher ups would probably shit themselves when I tear apart a company asset.
  17. Optix

    Off to the wedding!

    Ooooh, you're a love ma-cheene! Grats, Doomy! Sorry for being super late on this. I'm not as active on the forums as I used to be, much to the delight of our spam checkers.
  18. Optix

    What to do with nearly 300+ 17" LCD monitors?

    Put them all over your ceiling so you can multi-monitor game while in bed.
  19. Optix

    Borderlands 2 revisited

    *sigh* It was on sale. I had to buy Digistruct Peak, the three head hunters DLCs, and the other Mechromancer skin pack. Now I've got the loot and shoot itch again!
  20. Optix

    Memory for my Asus Maximus Formula OR Upgrade?

    Atta boy! The difference will be like night and day. I'd never be able to go back to a mechanical drive for my OS given the number of times I reboot. Waiting for the HTPC to boot up is like a special kind of torture for me, but hopefully I can fix that soon.