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  1. Big Red Machine

    Half-Life 2 - Who is still playing this timeless classic?

    I'm lame. Never played it, even though I've had it forever. May I be forgiven, please?
  2. Big Red Machine

    Off to the wedding!

    Congratulations! Best wishes to you and the soon-to-be-Mrs. Doomsday. :)
  3. Big Red Machine

    Keyboard Quandary

    Hello zacharyt1122. Rob's right: Blue is the switch for me. I've sampled five of Cherry's MX line - Blue, Green, Brown, Black, and Red is how I rate the switches, going from my favorite to my least preferred. I suppose I've been desensitized to the sound that Blues and Greens make. I've...
  4. Big Red Machine

    The PC that would never turn off and how I saved the world

    I mean this in the most literal, non-sarcastic way possible: Cool story, bro!
  5. Big Red Machine

    SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse Review

    Yessiree Robski, I have observed the same. Finger oils do leave a smudge on the left-click button (strangely never the right click). But it's very easily wiped off with a wet-wipe (I always have a box near my PC, as I dislike leaving my keyboard and mouse having oil smudges on them). And...
  6. Big Red Machine

    Anyone have ointment for this burn?

    You, sir, just made me a happy man today. :D
  7. Big Red Machine

    Anyone have ointment for this burn?

    Holy crap, that's hysterically funny. :D
  8. Big Red Machine

    Any rally fans in the house?

    Jeez, it takes a certain degree of insanity to participate in this particular branch of motorsport. I have nothing but admiration for rally racers. In some ways they represent the top of the peak as far as driving ability is concerned. These guys must have Jupiter-sized balls.
  9. Big Red Machine

    Well, I don't think this is supposed to happen...

    That's what you get for putting Senna and not Prost on your desktop. Just sayin'...
  10. Big Red Machine

    What classic games do you want to play again?

    Wow, I was just thinking about this question the other day, actually. I suddenly had a mad hankering to play the original Twisted Metal on the PS1. Turning the clock back even farther, Super Monaco GP was a gas back in the early 90s. All the math and chemistry homework that never got done...
  11. Big Red Machine

    Safely remove USB?

    I just go "Yoink" and pull that sucka out whenever I want to.
  12. Big Red Machine

    GOG holding end of the world sale

    Since we're all gonna die, just spend all your money and clean out the entire catalog! *The preceding post was delivered half in jest, half-seriously. It's up to the reader to decide which half was which for himself/herself. :D
  13. Big Red Machine


    I thought the typical riposte to this was "... buttons on your underwear."
  14. Big Red Machine

    Black Ops II - Who's with me?

    Oh, I play. But you're almost right. My machine doesn't need fixing (took a while, but I finally got to that point :D). But I DO have another PC to build. :D
  15. Big Red Machine

    Black Ops II - Who's with me?

    Just.Got.Paid. :eek: So.Tempted.To.Buy.On.Steam. :cool: Then I remember it's so close to the holidays, and spare cash is hard to come by. :mad:
  16. Big Red Machine

    F1 Racestars

    Bwahahahahaha :D Well played, good sir. Well played, indeed.
  17. Big Red Machine

    F1 Racestars

    Speaking of the the Top Gear test track, it has also appeared as a track mod add-on on rFactor. In fact, there are several renditions of this track, some of which are a lot better than others.
  18. Big Red Machine

    F1 Racestars

    Haha, I saw a blurb on this last week, I think? May have been on Steam. But, yeah, I'm fairly intrigued by this as well. I wanna be Kimi Raikkonen, so I can be rude (but funnily so) when people talk to me.