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    PCI-E 1.1 vs PCI-E 1.0 ?

    Few questions 1. How much performance difference between the two ? 2. What are advantages of PCI-E 1.1 ? 3. Is this mobo PCI-E 1.1 or 1.0
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    Windows 7 vs XP vs Vista

    have you even tried vista ?
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    Windows 7 vs XP vs Vista

    Who do you think will come out on top ? Remember this is a BETA of Windows 7 Even Vista is better than XP, so those Vista naysayers can shut up. Read here
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    HAF mod Start

    did you find any filters for the fans ?
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    Personal Favorite Games of 2008

    mine would be GTA 4
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    Call Of Duty Series: 35 Million Sold
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    Farcry 2 Online How ?

    How do i play this game online ? DO I have to create a profile ? While creating a profile, it asks me to enter account that I entered and also asks for a online key. Is that the same key that came with the disc ?
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    [ABT] Nvidia uses GDDR5, Finally !!

    Came across this post on ABT Looks like Nvidia will also be using GDDR5 on upcoming chips.
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    [ABT]Catalyst 8.11 vs 8.12 Performance Mini-Review Increase in Performance, YAY !! :D Just what ATI wanted, and NVIDIA didn't ! :D
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    [ABT] Vista SP2 Whoops SP1

    I think it says somewhere 3 times
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    [ABT] Vista SP2 Whoops SP1

    just read this article comparing Vista SP2 Beta to SP1 looks good, around 10% performance improvement Here's the recap table Crysis is a tough nut to crack, no improvement
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    Crysis Warhead Features 5-Time Activation Limit

    Hey Rob, I am a long time reader of Techgage and absolutely love you articles and testing methodology. Just registered to comment on this. I too was hit by this Warhead DRM. I was absolutely disgusted by this. What you didn't add in your article that the phone-calls made to EA may take...