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  1. Bobbythecat

    AMD M2.. What We Know So Far

    Yup. My good friend was more than happy to make an ornament out of my CPUs with bent pins -_-;
  2. Bobbythecat

    Should you buy Vista Ultimate?

    Good article....will probably become useful a long time from now when I actually get around to it, when there are things that require Vista!
  3. Bobbythecat

    The ultimate memory cooler?

    Yeah, too much 'technology' and too little creativity from this product. :rolleyes:
  4. Bobbythecat

    Upgrading my video card.

    I guess you ought to just to all the way if you're going for the top end! Either card I think would be overkill anyways for games down the line! Good times.
  5. Bobbythecat

    Gas Prices

    Of course, unless the entire economy decides to consume less resources, the gasoline problem would be the least of our concerns. Long-term economic planning, of course, is pointless because in the long-run, we're all dead. And the living then get to pick up the tab and figure things out for...
  6. Bobbythecat

    Evercool VC-RHC GPU Cooler

    Hm. Seems like the memory is not cooled.... Yeah, that'll be my reason to not get this one.
  7. Bobbythecat

    Gas Prices

    Let's see, the price was of an old one the last time I posed, but the recent one says that regular gas is $3.37 a gallon. The high octane is $3.63 or something to that effect. Yay.
  8. Bobbythecat

    Gas Prices

    Much of America now is built with the assumption that fuel was abundant, and that people can commute. Of course, it's The gas company, Standard Oil, and the auto industry, early 20th century, that got most cities to say bye bye to trains. Now some have subways, but only a few remain from that...
  9. Bobbythecat

    XG Duro 900 Power Supply

    Indeed little as I know thus far, there are a few contract claims by consumers here, and potential for a class action.... We rely on the representations made by the seller on the fitness of their products. It would likely be a material breach where the heart of what was promised is...
  10. Bobbythecat

    "Where Vista Fails"

    this is great :D check this out ahahahahahah
  11. Bobbythecat

    "Where Vista Fails"

    Nothing like a another good jaded assessment :D I wonder what the purpose of the new Vista is anyways. Absent deep discounts and great marketing, word may get out to businesses and consumers that this thing stinks when they try to do something on it. Eh
  12. Bobbythecat

    Logitech Wireless Music System

    Yeah I'm dying for a wireless speaker system so that I can put one down all over the apartment without bothering with the wires snaking around everywhere. It would be pretty cool if I could link several of this type speakers to have them act in concert. :p
  13. Bobbythecat

    Func sUrface1030 Archetype

    I didn't have any problem with CrazyPC. They don't have too many things, but they do have some unique parts and cases for sale, and I check in from time to time if I have something I believe I could use.
  14. Bobbythecat

    8 hours on an Xbox 360

    And the Japanese dude here is still waiting on the PS3....wondering whether I'll also be disappointed like you guys with the 360 games. Then I'll just decide that I'm just too old for this or something......:(
  15. Bobbythecat

    Func sUrface1030 Archetype

    ya...non-major sites have
  16. Bobbythecat

    Func sUrface1030 Archetype

    I'm wondering if anyone here pre-ordered it, since those who pre-ordered soonest will have the product sent to them first. When those are out, those at the back of the line will either have to wait or find the product elsewhere... Waiting to see if a product becomes available without...
  17. Bobbythecat

    computer acting up need help!

    Ya..if you can save 600 ~ 700 bucks, you could get a very decent PC system from online vendors. Even 400 would get you a nice AMD Sempron system! periodically has special deals for PC systems priced cheaply, although I would recommend replacing a few components (like PSU) just...
  18. Bobbythecat

    Time for a new one!

    Hmm..I thought Opterons require registered mem..? Perhaps I am ignorant, but I am also wondering whether the DFI board can handle the server CPU...even if the socket matches.
  19. Bobbythecat

    Func sUrface1030 Archetype

    Nice to have the Rep show up to get things really I feel ready to get a new mousepad....not that my Ratpadz treated me bad, but because it's getting rather old and the 'balding' of the surface plastic seriously hampers smoothe mouse movement. Yup...FPS seriously demands oscilation...
  20. Bobbythecat


    I have this board now. I had a kit of PDP Patriot DDR600 running on it for a week or two, but heh, wouldn't boot beyond the 250FSB with the divider ratio of 1:1 and relaxed timings. Then the sticks became unresponsive. Now I have my 1GB backup ValueRam from I forgot where running fine at the...