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  1. Rob Williams

    RSS feed?

    Hi ET3D! Hope things have been well :) I can't explain how the RSS feed has been broken so long, but I truly appreciate you bringing it to our attention. You'll be happy to know that the feeds are once again operational. Thanks again; I wish I had known about that a lot sooner!
  2. Rob Williams

    EVGA 18th Anniversary 7 Contests! end July 31, 2017

    Hot damn, EVGA holds contests like nobody's business!
  3. Rob Williams

    Guide: Securing your forum account with two-factor authentication

    Users wanting to enhance their security on our forums can enable two-factor authentication. Doing so means that a special time-limited code will be sent to you via email or an app (eg: Google Authenticator) that will ultimately grant you access to your account. You will have the option to...
  4. Rob Williams

    Need Answers RAM problems

    It's not a problem at all. It's not as efficient with dissimilar-sized sticks, but there is no real detriment to it in the grand scheme.
  5. Rob Williams

    eVGA enters the ram market, no-one notices.

    It's an odd market for EVGA to get into given the margins are so low, but it has such a massive fanbase that it might still be worth it. I'd reckon right now it's more of a test, so you probably helped things along by picking up a kit.
  6. Rob Williams

    Hello boys, I'm back ...

    Is it sad that the thing to impress me most about that rig is the fact that it has 64GB of DDR4? I just updated our GPU test rig using the same motherboard and CPU, but I am sticking with 32GB. The new setup is looking good. How does the C-series compare to the new Teslas for what you want to...
  7. Rob Williams

    OC3D LGA2011 Beast Ends May 1 2015

    Damn, not often we see worldwide ones! Thanks for the share :D
  8. Rob Williams

    Well, it's about time...

    I think dual 760s are like one 780? I haven't benched so I'm not certain, but it seems to ring a bell. Nonetheless, DSR is going to be a selectively useful thing, I think. It seems to have more potential when MOBA games, or anything isometric with a ton of small details in a scene. Either way...
  9. Rob Williams

    Well, it's about time...

    Damn, lots of progress :D Those are some good 3DMark scores. You running 1080p? You can definitely handle 1440p nicely. Just to make sure, the GPUs are not part of the loop yet, right? Would be interested in seeing temperature data for that whenever the time comes.
  10. Rob Williams

    Well, it's about time...

    There's not too much I can add or ask, but I'm glad to see that the build is coming along so nice. Since I can read your mind, I know you have some more kit en route, so that thing is going to be rocking once it's done. I was going to say that while dual 760 is a great move, it sucks to have...
  11. Rob Williams

    Asus Maximus VI Hero SupremeFX vs Sennheiser PC 363d USB sound card

    You've learned why I go to Jamie for basically all recommendations :P
  12. Rob Williams

    ASUS smears GIGABYTE?

    LOL, very good. Well, kind of...
  13. Rob Williams

    z65 sli evga wrong bios

    Aye, this is the best advice. Though a bad BIOS flash is really rare nowadays. I'd also recommend maybe posting on EVGA's own forums since people there could have run into the same problem.
  14. Rob Williams

    DDR4 Supporting ATX ROG Mobos from Asus

    Yes, a couple of generations ago. I think the chipset is still required to make it work, though. For example, on X99 boards, you can't use ECC RAM because the chipset isn't programmed to accept it (it'd work, I'm quite sure, just not with ECC benefits). It does hurt, that's for sure. But at...
  15. Rob Williams

    Happy Holidays!

    I feel bad that the forums have died off so much. I'd love for that to change in the future. And hell, I need a better notification system! Hope your holidays were great, man!
  16. Rob Williams

    Well, it's about time...

    This system is going to rock once it gets the FX in there. It's really too bad you've had to deal with so many damned issues though to get to this point =/
  17. Rob Williams

    Asus Maximus VI Hero SupremeFX vs Sennheiser PC 363d USB sound card

    I'd like to think that if headphones ship with an audio card, it'd be decent, but I'd wager that the onboard audio SHOULD be better. I'll tip Jamie off to this thread, since he's far more educated in audio than I am.
  18. Rob Williams

    Well, it's about time...

    Well, I am glad someone's showing AMD some mad love! If you're looking to go the long-haul again, I'd recommend going with the GTX 770 if you're able to find it at a good price. That's still such a wicked card... I ran it in my rig for a while and got a lot of 1440p gaming goodness from it...
  19. Rob Williams

    Hardware Heaven Christmas Competition 2014

    Cheers for the linkage as always man!
  20. Rob Williams

    DDR4 Supporting ATX ROG Mobos from Asus

    EMI: Electromagnetic interference What do you mean, DDR4 supporting RoG boards? Do you mean the mainstream Haswell platform, or the just-launched Haswell-E? Mainstream parts, like the 4770K for example, will never support DDR4; it's just not inside the memory controller. We won't actually see...