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    Healthiest and unhealthiest restaurants in the US

    We eat at home to control what we eat and what we put into what we eat. When we do eat out we make smart choices about what we're ordering. It's not like we don't eat junk sometimes but it's not often.

    The Greatest Graphics Cards of All Time

    I've owned many of those cards over the years. Never had a video card go bad on me. I still fondly recall the day I went to the store to get a 3Dfx Voodoo2 8MB card. After installing the game that came with the card I was amazed at what 3D graphics was all about.

    GameStop Removing OnLive Coupons Deus Ex: HR Boxes

    I would put nothing past the people at GameStop. I can't even recall the last time I shopped there. I'm guessing it was back in the mid 90's. May not have even been GameStop was probably Electronic's Boutique back then.

    Linux Celebrates its 20th Birthday

    Happy B-day Linux!!

    Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

    It was only a matter of time. He definitely needs to get away from his work and deal with his health problems.

    Is a New "Tech Support" Scam Impossible to Stop?

    I'm sure someone will fall for this but people need to wake up and stop being so naive when it comes to the security of their PC's.

    Cooler Master "Summer Fun" contest

    Entered, thanks!

    Will the Removal of PCI in Intel's Upcoming Chipsets Affect You?

    I don't have any PCI cards in my machines. Won't affect me.

    AMD Phenom X6 1090T - $250!

    I've never had any issues with TD and I've ordered at least 6 times from them. Always been a smooth experience for me. They had the AMD Phenom II X6 for $150 but it looks to be sold out now.
  10. JMMDTG

    Im going to drop some dough on a PC

    Seems like a nice combo. What's your budget and what's the purpose of the PC. I'm going to assume you want it for gaming?
  11. JMMDTG

    Do you buy ...

    If the price is right I will go to the Microcenter near me. Otherwise it's Newegg, TigerDirect or ZipZoomFly. Newegg is where I go first.
  12. JMMDTG

    Can you drink milk?

    I can't drink milk. I was diagnosed as lactose intolerant when I was six years old but I have tons of other GI related issues as well. I can have lactose free milk in baked items and I do occasionally eat Bryers lactose free ice cream.
  13. JMMDTG

    CM Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse

    I've never owned an expensive gamer mouse but the macro part really sounds interesting.