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    Now is the Time for Women in Games

    We have one in over at CDU. She'll kick your butt in DC and she's a hottie too. I think they are starting to surface. With social game such as the Sims, the industry is bring more women on board with the gaming. My wife even tried Alice for a short time. As a side note, Alice was a great...
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    Earth on your desktop (real-time simulator ... not Google)

    Works fine for me. Looks pretty cool.
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    My Razer Copperhead Died!! HELP!! No support from Razer!

    Sorry man, I don't own one. I don't suppose the guy that sold it would consider exchanging it. Fat chance huh? Did you do a search of the web forums for possible answers?
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    Logitech Wireless Music System

    I might get something like this. I'td be nice to run speakers out on the back porch without having to worry about wires through walls. Cool Idea.
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    The many uses of Dell

    Actually Dark, I saw that video live on Jimmy Kimmel....that's where it's from. I believe the good crew at the Kimmel show dubbed in the caller's side of the conversation. Still funny though.
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    That kid has spent much time on restriction.
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    My question.
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    Have you all seen this?

    There's no way that my system is ready for this. But I hope it soon will be. Check out this link and watch the GDC 2006 trailer.
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    Battlefield 2142

    Man, I can't agree more. That sums it up right there. Battlefield 1942 changed online gaming for me. It was just a very cool concept and a damn fun game to play. Desert Combat made it even better for me when I need a slight change. But after playing all the mods and remakes...if you go back and...
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    Anybody else try to get 3 years out of their computer?

    I've got more than three years on this case. I've switched out so many can't be called the same computer. Motherboard, CPU, Vid card, memory ....switched and added mutible harddrives. From IDE to goes on and on. My next will be my own creation. I really want to get in to...
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    Battlefield 2142

    Check The stealth cloaking looks pretty cool.
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    Hello, Welcome To The Forums. Have A Bit Of A Sit Down and Introduce Yourselves

    Real name is Jim, I'm 36 and live in Tucson, AZ. Started my electronics background disassembling my Atari 2600....never did work right again. Dropped out of High School during my senior year. Just never went back after X-mas Vacation. Joined the military as a communications electrician. Ended...
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    Man throws penis at cops

    Getting tazered after cutting off your own that's someone having a bad day. The guy spells this name "Jakub". What do ya expect.
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    List of Games You Think are Overrated.

    I just don't care for BF2. I run a ranked BF2 server as well as two Desert Combat servers with server side mods. I think BF2 is flawed in many ways. I don't care for the fight dynamics of the aircraft. I think the ranking system was a bad idea and is easily subject to exploitation. The fact...
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    Steelpad QcK+

    BTW Rob, if you meant to make the "Discuss in our fourms" text in the review a link to this's not.
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    Steelpad QcK+

    You got that right. Now back to the review. It seems that it would be a bit much for most. I'm surprised at the 10/10 rating. I would think more in the 9 area just because it's size limits the number of people who'd want to buy it. It would seem to me that the pad would take up way too much...
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    The many uses of Dell

    It kind of goes together with this one.
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    Steelpad QcK+

    3? I guess it does matter after all.
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    The many uses of Dell

    funny stuff
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    What song are you listening to?

    XM's Opie and Anthony<---that count? When I'm not there, it's on Deep Tracks.