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    RSS feed?

    Thanks for the quick fix. I moved to the direct feed, which I'm hoping will be safer in the long run.
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    RSS feed?

    I used to read Techgage news through, but it looks like it reverted to some 2012 news some time ago, so is no longer useful. Is there an alternative source?
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    bitcoin, Nvidia gpgpus, & ebay

    It's a bubble, that's why it works. Though at most points in time mining isn't extremely profitable. It's mostly when prices jump that previously mined coins suddenly become valuable.
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    bitcoin, Nvidia gpgpus, & ebay

    NVIDIA GPU's are significantly worse than AMD's for mining (bitcoin mining is using specialised hardware these days, but scrypt based coins are still mined using GPU's). Here's a page listing mining rates on various GPU's (and CPU's). I'd be surprised if anyone is buying NVIDIA GPU's for mining.
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    Kickstarter Introduces Stricter Hardware and Product Design Guidelines

    Thanks for the heads up. As I commented on the Kickstarter item, I think it would have been better to force showing the current state of the project, rather than disallow showing the vision for it. Still, the idea of forcing the creators to think of and discuss the risks is good for everyone, IMO.
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    Nintendo Wii U Launches on November 18, Costs $299.99 for 'Basic' Model

    It's a pity the base price is $299. This doesn't provide any incentive for Microsoft or Sony to lower prices further. I have a Wii, and I like it because of the new method of control it provided. I think that the next step up in that respect is the Xbox 360 + Kinect. I hope that even though...