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    Tell Me What PC parts to get

    right so its been a few moths since ive posted here but... Im finally getting a (new) PC! But theres one problem: I dont know sh*t about PC components.:confused: Maybe you guys could tell me what parts I sohuld get. I play games like Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2 and I have about...
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    What the Hell is a Motherboard?

    thanks for the info. I am new to the whole computer scene but am also very interested;)
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    iPod... what is the attraction?

    Creative Zen 6 GB goes for $150 on Ebay, or $180 on Amazon
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    iPod... what is the attraction?

    i look for some stork
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    iPod... what is the attraction?

    I pods are overpriced, i feel. I Rivers suit about the same needs, minus I Tunes
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    E3 2006

    Wii owners access to more than 20 years of games by making NES, SNES, and N64 games available for download online via the Virtual Console, for a fee of course. I got this from gamespot. Sorry to inform you, downloadable content will cost money. Im sure it will be cheap though.:(
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    E3 2006

    sweet, cause most of the classic titles are from nintendo anyway. I wasnt going to buy a wii, but i might just to get my hands on classic games like mario. Maybe Ill go heat up my NES
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    Multiplayer for OBLIVION

    Looks Sweet. Multyplayer usually makes any gamplay longer lasting. When you beat the game you start playing online.
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    DS: New Super Mario Bros.

    Enjoyed the game, still am on world 2. I wish i could get mario on psp. the ds is my sisters.
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    Free album

    Great Album, even better demos! Sad to see them go.
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    How to not steal a sidekick..

    Yeah. Remember the Naked Photographer?
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    Blast from the...present?

    I agree. If i could backup my stuff with say... a 5 1/4" floppy Nevermind....
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    Bill Gates to step down in 2008

    Windows is the key to life. At least well have him for another 2 years. Then we will have another stock market crash.
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    Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference

    This is the kinda stuff you see as pranks when people put firecrackers in someones cpu. This could have ended up with injury though. Glad no one got hurt.
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    Hilarious Japanese Prank

    i was almost on the ground laughing, but my chair was restraining me. Ending is hillarious!
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    Los Angeles invaded by Drones

    yeah: this is what my dad was talking about, wiretappings and stuff like this. I cant believe President Bush wants to know what I had for lunch today. (1/2 Flamethrower at Dairy Queen)
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    Movie critic caught selling titles to pirates

    That sucks for people trying to get their hands on new movies, but I was always the person to see it at midnight on opening night (i.e. Star Wars Episode III);)
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    Happy Birthday Orbit!

    oh no I missed it. How drunk did you get?
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    $37 Billion donated to charity

    Remember that one scene in Mr Deeds when he gave $40 Billion to charity. Thecnically that would be the largest donation in history.
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    World Cup

    I had hope in the Americans.:( At least they managed to squeeze out a tie.