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    No problems, just nothing.

    Yes i did norton for about 2 days... They didn't find anything I went to panda they found 13... AND KILLED THEM Thx panda.
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    No problems, just nothing.

    Thx for your opinion. So, i have found Mcafee i'll have them for 30 days... Now what? PS: I found about 5 viruses on a free internet virus scan... I'm also downloading Spybot Search and Destroy and Spydoctor
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    Saw a kool one.

    Dunno if anyone is interested and i'm not sure why i'm promoting it. But it looked pretty kool.
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    PHP is by far one of the best webmastery languages. As databasses is one of the best things to use on a website what better languages to use is SQL the best database language and to use PHP the best language to support SQL. It's actually humanly impossible to not understand how great PHP and...
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    No problems, just nothing.

    I have nearly nothing at all except my Service pack 2 virus protection. If i continue on my way as It is, which is virus free with just service pack 2 do i really need any other services?
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    NFS: Underground 2

    Just as addicting to Underground. Both great great games. One kool trick is get right up to wall and use your shocks and it will shoot you straight up into the sky and through a roof if there is one above you.