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  1. Regeneration

    How to NOT set up a RAID.

    The image “†cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Looks like "how to NOT set up vBulletin" to me :P
  2. Regeneration

    Need a cheap Power Supply.

    LMAO! Erm..
  3. Regeneration

    Pizza or Burger?

    Nothing, as usually.
  4. Regeneration

    What's your headset?

    I have Icemat Audio headset around but I'm only using my leet 5.1 speakers :P
  5. Regeneration

    Pizza or Burger?

    What should I order?
  6. Regeneration

    Logisys 4-Direction LED Gaming Mouse

    Wireless sucks.. I'm very happy with my MX510! ROFL!
  7. Regeneration

    AMD64 3700+ San Diego S939 2.2GHz

    Nice review dude. AMD is the best!
  8. Regeneration

    Finally beat HL2..

    You could ask for a gamesave..
  9. Regeneration

    Age of Empires III Demo is out!

    AoE is one hour game.
  10. Regeneration

    Bah, I am an idiot!

    PSU manufacturers should solve it by adding stabilizer.
  11. Regeneration

    Evercool Nighthawk VGA Cooler VC-F117 Review

    I tried many solution like these but water cooling seems to be the best. Normal Air cooling is not effective when the room temperature is high.
  12. Regeneration

    Bah, I am an idiot!

    hell yeah, you didnt know that?
  13. Regeneration

    Logitech G5/G7/G15 Preview

    I'm playing CS since the early betas but I stopped playing few months ago because Valve keept changing the basic gameplay (Shield,Recoil,AWP Delay) I dont like Steam and the amount of cheaters in CS. Source is too quiet and kinda boring. Now I'm playing Enemy Territory instead.
  14. Regeneration

    Logitech G5/G7/G15 Preview

    I'm using the side buttons for Jump/Crouch.
  15. Regeneration

    Logitech G5/G7/G15 Preview

    Great article fellows. The G5 is really HOT
  16. Regeneration

    Missing my System32 folder!?!

    your system cannot run without system32
  17. Regeneration

    Logisys Yin Yang Acrylic Case Review

    Nice review and nice case. Tomorrow I'm going to build my own tech-station ;) It could make my life much easier..
  18. Regeneration

    SLi - Yes or No on your new rig?

    Maybe ill get CF too but I will have to rob a bank or even two. 1500$ X800x2 288$ Motherboard with CF
  19. Regeneration

    Anybody going Dual Core?

    Too expensive for me.