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    Microsoft: Windows 8 is Two Years Away

    I can see this happening, and it really only depends on what changes they end up putting into "8" (quotes because I'm not certain that'll be the eventual name). Vista delays were equal part fundamental changes and delays for features that they wanted (many of which still didn't make release...
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    Why I don't trust anybody running this country (USA)

    Wish I could find something that provided context on this quote. So far Google only provides information with this exact cutout of information and nothing more, which makes me quite skeptical that the quote is really so clear cut. Big surprise, another search with better parameters solved the...
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    Five Web Browsers: Which is the Fastest?

    Not to fan the flames, but if you want to discuss the annoyance of bloat then go straight to the source: Microsoft. Just look at the fact that MS finally caved into user demands and made Windows Live software (including the email client, the former Outlook Express) a downloadable option now...
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    Five Web Browsers: Which is the Fastest?

    Having not checked on Opera in a long time, I'm unfamiliar at the moment with its options for installation. So take that into account when reading the following statement. I see those extraneous features (Mail and Bittorrent especially) as bloat that I don't want in the first place, hence...
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    Five Web Browsers: Which is the Fastest?

    Love Chrome so much at this point. I keep Firefox around for web testing and certain addons, but Chrome has turned into my go to browser for general surfing.
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    AMD and Valve Provide Drivers to Gamers Over Steam

    The update process went smoothly enough. My only complaint is that it automatically installed the communication opt-in (which I usually check off); but hey, the convenience trumps that in the end.
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    Too TRIM? When SSD Data Recovery is Impossible

    I've got an old drive I'm looking to destroy sometime in the future, and now you've gone and given me ideas :p. (Actually I think my current idea is to take it apart physically just to have fun with the parts, then go Office Space on anything that I'm tossing :D )
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    Thermaltake Armor A90 Mid-Tower

    Nice price. Review already made it sound worthwhile, and then that price just sweetens it some more.
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    How many blades on a razor is too many?

    I believe MadTV answered the question: 20 blades :D
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    Who's watching the World Cup?

    Got to hand it to the keepers yesterday, they both played beautifully despite the game itself being quite ugly. Sure, you could say there were numerous bad touches on the ball when players should've been putting it in the back of the net...but hey, keepers still have to make the play and they...
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    Who's watching the World Cup?

    That game needed a serious dose of Kaka, which the lame ref from the previous game ruined.
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    Who's watching the World Cup?

    I want to feel bad for the fact that I think Italy got screwed out of a goal (another bad offside call IMO), but the Azzurri were flat out bad during most of the group stage. That team needs to be demolished and rebuilt.
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    Vuvuzela... there's an app for that?!

    You no doubt heard them during last year's Confederations Cup, presuming you tuned in.
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    Vuvuzela... there's an app for that?!

    If you think it sounds bad on tv, imagine what it's like when the guy is two rows behind you. (Had that delightful situation in the past [nearly 15 years ago...still hate the damn things now]; can't decide what's more annoying, the sound or the idiot with the horn.)
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    Ten Good Reasons to Avoid Facebook

    Between feature bloat (Facebook's trying to be everyone's portal to the web, and it sucks at it) and the constant middle finger they give to users via security issues and privacy settings, it is a wonder I still use it. But like many who make excuses, I run back because it offers one simple...
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    Should Journalists Disclose Sponsored Trips to Events?

    Disclosure is always the best policy in my mind. Even better when you can do it humorously. To use another site as an example... Example from Jalopnik's Ford Fiesta test drive/review They do this with pretty much any event that involves someone transporting them and showing off a car...
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    81 Woo for being bored waiting for lunch
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    Should or Shouldn't You Purchase an iPad?

    Well, they do have the upcoming 4.0 OS, which some people are saying might be better tuned to give the iPad more power/options (doubt we'll see filesystem access, but hopefully some folder capabilities and multitasking). So there is some hope for useful updates in the coming months.
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    Should or Shouldn't You Purchase an iPad?

    Your point brings up one of the problems with tablets in general: By trying to cram a fully functioning OS on a small screen, touch sensitive system, most tablets have failed. In fact, up until the netbook it was difficult to find a good small form system that worked well for its intended...