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    Who here uses game emulators?

    I haven't used mupen, so it's hard to say. Project64 is more application & menu-like, whereas from what I can read, mupen is a console app. BTW, Project64 1.6 DOES play DK64. Only real trouble I've had with Project64 is that when I brought it over from an XP system to a Windows7 system, I...
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    Who here uses game emulators?

    When I'm looking for a quick game distraction, I'll sometimes fire up MAME or Project64. And, I've even fired up DOS-Box when I want a blast from the LONG-time past.
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    $500-$600 gaming PC

    Looks pretty much like what I was planning on building! Was going to use an ASUS P8H67-M LE, but it sounds like there can be problems with the PCI-E (x16). Planning on using an i5-2500K, which pushes the system over the target price, but I'm ok with that. Also, was going to go with the HD...
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    Funny Australian news clip

    Thanks for the laughs...I needed it.
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    Do You Still Use or Keep Any Floppies?

    Sadly, yes. For work (industrial controls, programming, machine vision) I still need to use floppies when dealing with the older devices. Thankfully, it's a rare event over the last 5 years or so. At home, I never have to use them anymore.