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  1. DarkStarr

    Digital Storm's Hydrolux cooling system

    Looks like a custom version of the basic aquaero.
  2. DarkStarr

    NVIDIA shows off Hawken's PhysX capabilities

    Its more of the only some features are on CPU and the rest can only be enabled on a Nvidia GPU. Other than that I don't mind, its just annoying. I just want to know how hard AMD cards would crush PhysX if they could run it GPU accelerated.
  3. DarkStarr

    Doubtful but.... 7870 FS Anyone want it?

    Well, I scored an XFX BE OC version on ebay. $300 for the card and an EK block + backplate on. Great deal, now gonna grab a 7950 with 7970 PCB to replace the 7870 and then my fiances rig will be fixed (again). All for a measly $50 hahaha She ended up going from a 6950 unlocked to (a new) 7870 to...
  4. DarkStarr

    NVIDIA shows off Hawken's PhysX capabilities

    Awesome. Hawken is awesome. Currently been playing it 2 days, earned 10k Credits and got $50 worth of Meteo Credits (I only paid $12, thanks Nvidia!). The PhysX is pretty gimmicky IMO I dont feel like I am missing a thing on my 2700k/7870 setup (Had to RMA blah blah blah) Runs fine however has a...
  5. DarkStarr

    Doubtful but.... 7870 FS Anyone want it?

    Wooooo looks like I may have a buyer for this and my Asus DCII (Stupid Asus, I need reference) YEAAAAA I am gonna go grab a MSI TF3 since it's reference.
  6. DarkStarr

    Doubtful but.... 7870 FS Anyone want it?

    I have a fresh from RMA XFX 7870. It should have Lifetime warranty since it inherited warranty from a 6950. I can put a block on it unless I go with a universal, not gonna happen. I want to get $190 Shipped on it.
  7. DarkStarr

    Upgrade or not for my Memory system

    Well, it depends. How much ram is reserved for other apps in the settings? On my machine it is 3 Gb not a ton but I also have a total of 24 Gb. That said what is the issue your having? long render times, slowdowns, what? The A8 is not all that powerful for video editing either. Intel chips are...
  8. DarkStarr

    Gaming moments like these stress me out

    Target was 1.50 the made it in 1.49.952. Basically barely made it. I hate how on Grid 2 (at least for me) a couple of the car challenges are such a pain that I had to retry them a good 20 times to make time.
  9. DarkStarr

    GRID 2

    Grid 2 is pretty awesome. I am using a Xbox controller and... well TBH it is much better than the terrible wheel I have and much better than my keyboard.
  10. DarkStarr

    A motherboard that slows the boot down over time?

    I would check S.M.A.R.T. on that Seagate. Personally I won't buy a Seagate, too many quick fail stories for me. I mean in ~ 1 yr not an insta-fail with a new drive.
  11. DarkStarr

    Reviews on Hi-Fi 3D Technology Motherboard?

    I love Asus boards, I just wish I could move my 2700k on over to a Z77 board.
  12. DarkStarr

    H20 Memory, so few options and mostly bad...

    A: Watercooling ram is looks only B: Dominator ram is better to watercool (looks better and all) C: watercooled ram is expensive. Your better off spending that money on other parts, like things that actually increase performance.
  13. DarkStarr

    My first 5 seconds with Windows Server 2012

    What devices have you used to type on? Also why don't you like it? As for the server stuff, I don't use it and its absolutely idiotic to put a interface built for touch on servers. Personally I think people are not complaining too much since it can be made to look and act like windows 7...
  14. DarkStarr

    My first 5 seconds with Windows Server 2012

    bahahah this is how you know "modern UI" will be a complete failure.
  15. DarkStarr

    Show off your desktop!

    Ah but I am running Fences. Hiding them is totally cheating IMO though. I just need to organize and delete some stuff :p
  16. DarkStarr

    Show off your desktop!

    Too many icons lol :D
  17. DarkStarr

    4x Titan using HD 7970 VRMs

    I believe EVGA Titans are 4-way IIRC. Also.... lol nice Shammy is nuts. This zombie is way more ridiculous than the 580 with 480 VRMs. Evidently... that not just a titan though that's a 7970, and 480 zombie on a titan and another board for PLL. EDIT: Wow.... he hit 1450 on the titans, with...
  18. DarkStarr

    How to install Linux?

    Grab a copy of Ubuntu and install it on a spare pc or a spare disk in your pc. Or even live boot it, you could also run it in a VM.
  19. DarkStarr

    G.Skill + EVGA contest

    If I win I will bench it then sell it... Or idk... Maybe dedicated PhysX Titan bahahahah lmao that PSU wont fit in my case though so I would need to sell it, I mean what use is hardware laying around..... Anyways it wont fit with my 280 rad down there.
  20. DarkStarr

    Anyone ever have this issue with Origin?

    Dunno exactly what driver he was running since in the test they used 13.2b6 and he only stated 13.2. The b6 may be much much better. Even so the game from the reviews runs on the Nvidia chips better.