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    Thanks for the nod, Brett!

    Hey TD! I'm glad to hear you guys are still cranking down there. I remember the days of working with you and Zapwizard (I swear, something about that Texas water) fondly...managing the modding was one of the most enjoyable things I have done, if just for the sheer awesomeness of working with...
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    Mediaeval: A developer diary.

    I'm greatly looking forward to following this, Mario. I've had my own game project sitting on the back burner for far too long, as a reason for me to get inspired enough to learn PyQT...
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    Windows 8 Review - Part One: The Things I Hate

    No other reason than "other than Microsoft made it so"? Marfig, I'm surprised at you. DX10 was MS's opportunity to completely break the old DX models, which had been in existence since before the very concept of shader cores and about 90% of the other things that a graphics card has on it...
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    When regular users give Windows 8 a go

    Pardon me while I hug my fluxbox interface. I assign hotkeys in a file. Any I want, to do anything I want. I design my start menu and right click anywhere on the desktop to access it. </ linux luv> k, now about that artistic abortion that we call the new old metro interface... It's...
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    Windows 8 Launches Friday - Will You Be Buying It?

    I avoid early MS releases like the plague. Windows 8 has a ton of retoolings, and retoolings always mean 1) Unoptimized code, and 2) security vulnerabilities. Granted, I may just try it windows install took a shit recently so I have been meaning to reinstall anyways. But in general...
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    Wednesday's PS3 4.30 Firmware Update to Remove Folding@home Client

    It's a shame to see F@H pulled...but at the same time, as the average power bill (particularly in the US) is ridiculous and our energy consumption goes higher and higher, another power drain isn't a horrible thing to see go away...particularly since the PS3 version was ridiculously inefficient...
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    SysAdmin Corner: 7 Network Security F-Ups Small Offices Make

    Interesting thoughts, Marfig! I personally agree that we have been patching the old tech for far too long. IPv4 and SSL are perfect examples. But what amazes me is how WELL some of the old security protocols still hold up, like SSH and Kerberos. The majority of security holes are created...
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    Jaw-Dropping: Google Lets Us Peer Into its Datacenters

    Some of these pictures have been tweaked in a rather substantial way... for example, shot 15 is mirrored horizontally...there are a few that are like that... Google, y u photoshop so bad?!
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    Playing the Game

    TD!!! Wow, I had started to think you've disappeared altogether! :-) Thanks for the love. :-)
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    Torchlight II Review: Now With More Multiplayer

    I loved the original, I'll be looking forward to getting into this as the winter draws near. :)
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    SysAdmin Corner: Demystifying RAID

    Absolutely! RAID5 is the performance "middle of the pack". On a 4-disk RAID5 array, I top out at about 290MB/s read speed with 5600RPM 2TB drives (a single drive on that system does a throughput of about 130MB/s). That's about 60% performance of what RAID0 would be but more than twice what a...
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    SysAdmin Corner: Demystifying RAID

    Thanks, Kayden! An excellent point. However, I *think* many users leave cloud saving on by default in Steam, and I don't know how many MAINTAIN a plethora of screenshots. But your point still rings true and hammers home the core of the concept - RAID is NOT a backup and RAID0 in particular...
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    SysAdmin Corner: Demystifying RAID

    Welcome, lferrante! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I planned to follow up with the discussion on software RAID in my covering of building a simple MDADM RAID5 stay tuned, and hopefully you will find what you're looking for there. I've found that on Linux, software is vastly...
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    Patently Backwards's EXACTLY what I was talking about.
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    Patently Backwards

    Rob was not posting news on the Apple/Samsung trial because I had exclusively asked to cover it with an op-ed. Regurgitating the basic news regarding that Apple won isn't particularly necessary in a case this large - and if you have a problem with that editorial decision, you can target myself...
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    Patently Backwards

    I think you pose some interesting points, Psi. And thank you for the statement of not knowing which way I'd take it, I was actually really trying to walk that line right up til the end. :-) Mostly because there are many problems here, I want readers to identify which ones they see before I...
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    Western Digital Red NAS Hard Drive Review

    Damnit...Now I need to look into THESE to do my next upgrade to my home server. Thanks, Rob. :-P I had a whole suite of Seagate 2TB LPs!
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    I don't even...

    O. M. F. G. Crazy effin' dutchies. Seriously.
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    Isn't it About Time We Move to 48 FPS+ Video?

    As much as I would normally argue that there is absolutely no point for this, our display technology has adapted greatly and more importantly, so has our recording methodology. 24FPS was fine because on film we were capturing blur to make the scene look appropriate, and we did that because...
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    hicookie First to Reach 7GHz on a Core i7-3770K

    Honestly, if you're an OC'er who is dedicated enough to have LN2 setups, odds are you have access to ES samples anyway. Both Intel and AMD have been known (and I can attest to this personally, having headed up Bit-tech's modding section for years) to be VERY supportive of the TRUE OC and...