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    How fast can you type the alphabet?

    I'm alright.
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    A Typical Government Computer Manager

    "I am computer literate! I have 22 years in computer systems engineering and operation." Some people are just plain stupid.
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    The many uses of Dell

    That is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen.
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    Favorite MMORPG games?

    All that I have ever played is WoW so im gonna have to say that...
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    Where are you from?

    I live in Austin, Texas. Austin is completely different than the rest of Texas, it is like the one blue city in a sea of red. (Politically speaking)
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    Damn, the 6800GT OC is hawt!

    Hey, dont get down on the 6800GS. I have one, it works great. And you can overclock it better than a 6800GT so its much better value, but now that the 7600GT came out I would go for that, it costs less and gets you better performance.