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  1. Toad772

    How rich do you have to be to turn down $9 million for nothing?

    Gosh I hate rich people.
  2. Toad772

    Merry XMast n Happy New Year

    Happy Holidays!
  3. Toad772

    Facebook: Real Profiles vs. Fake Profiles

    I do not have gender issues. I almost always play as a female in games, but I do not tell people I am female and when people call me a she I correct them.
  4. Toad772

    GPU on 300W psu

    So the corsair CX 430 V2 would be a good option?
  5. Toad772

    GPU on 300W psu

    That test rig peaked at 280 with a CPU that uses 90 more watts than mine and that is also when it is pushed, I would be running at 1400x900 so I would not be pushing it nearly as hard.
  6. Toad772

    GPU on 300W psu

    Looking to figure out if my pc can run an HD 6770 My hardware consist of: 1 500gb hdd 1 ODD E8600 cpu 300w psu(came in dell pc don't know the brand, but from what I have read it is better than most other 300w psu) HD 4650 According to this...
  7. Toad772

    Show off your desktop!

    Nope, it is a few months old.
  8. Toad772

    Show off your desktop!

    My desktop
  9. Toad772

    How long will it take this candle to burn down?

    I'm gonna go with 51 hours.