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    What Can You Do with 4k?

    The large size of modern games is, as far as I'm aware, not down to code. It's the huge amount of art assets, voice dialogue etc that take all the space.
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    What Can You Do with 4k?

    Here is another impressive 4k example. Simply spectacular!
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    Steve Irwin dead

    Sad day indeed. He was such a positive person - really seemed to love life. If we can take any lessons from him, it would be just that - live your life, do what you love, and be happy doing it. His life ended much too early, but at least it ended whilst he was doing what he loved.
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    World Cup

    Yup ;)
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    Prey Demo Impressions

    Everyone should play this demo!
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    World Cup

    <3! Need a few around at my house to help me support Australia.
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    World Cup

    On the soccer theme....... Nice custom video intro to PES5 - very cool footage.
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    Hilarious Japanese Prank

    Yep - by far.
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    Hilarious Japanese Prank You will need to login. It is worth it!
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    World Cup

    England is playing tonight. AND I'M OFF WORK! This is good! (hehe) In all seriousness this has been a great tournament so far. Loving it.
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    World Cup

    England is playing tonight. AND I'M WORKING. This is not good.
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    Brad Nowell

    Doin' Time - Sublime feat. Snoop <3
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    Cyber Athlete 'Fatal1ty'

    I thought the 60 Minutes report was interesting. Could have been better, but good to see gaming on tv nonetheless.
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    I like diamonds in my teef

    ["I feel the same way about Hummer owners."] Absolutely. The number of ego driven people I see driving around in oversized cars in their expensive clothes with their expensive wives is quite scary. Not trying to say I'm perfect, as I'm probably coming across as overly judgemental. However...
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    I like diamonds in my teef

    Another fad that will soon die away like many before it...... Kinda scary though - I really do wonder about the world sometimes. Once everyone has their "grillz" it ceases to be cool and the herd moves on to the next thing...........which the 'trendsetters' were already doing or wearing a...
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    Richard Simmons on Who's Line

    That trainer scares me ..... :|
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    Most Under-rated Games

    Go ask anyone on the street, or any non-gaming friends, what "AC" is, and they'll say air conditioning. Ask them what "Warcraft" is and they'll likely know someone that plays or at least have heard of either WoW or the RTS series. AC was highly rated by most who played it, but it is a...
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    Good mmorpgs soon?

    EVE is set in control a ship. The small bit i played was fun but I never gave it the time it deserved.
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    Most Under-rated Games

    Chronicles of Riddick - though i haven't finished it yet. Asheron's Call Trackmania Planescape: Torment
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    Favorite MMORPG games?

    ["Guild Wars all the way! Guild Wars owns."] GW is *not* an MMORPG. A GW dev indeed stated such! Having said that, the lines are blurring - it certainly is not a MMORPG from the traditional model - the game is 100% instanced. Quake with meeting places and quests......not saying it isn't fun...