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    DDR4 Supporting ATX ROG Mobos from Asus

    Any idea on when we can expect some of these? With that 980 card dropping, DDR 4 and the new i7 Extreme, I think I am ready to build... I was going to wait another year, but the timing is right... (I feel like Chef would like to sing that last line)... Cheers TG Community! Edit: Oh and what...
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    Blu Ray Burning Software

    With the ever expanding size of ... wait for it ... storage media (sorry for the let down), I use external burnable media about as often as... well hardly ever to be honest. I think the last software I used to use, nearly 5-8 years ago was called Nero Burning Rom or something like that. I...
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    When 'Free-to-Play' Becomes a Money Game

    Saw the Rackanfrazts link on Facebook and jammed over here 'fast as I could. Wow, NCSoft sticks it to the peoples again? Couldn't possible be the same company I lost my IGN gig over for telling Dhevrin to go eff himself. Well written Rob, and well played.
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    LifeLock CEO Has Identity Stolen 13 Times

    Fitting that NORTON is now partnered with them. Perfectly fitting.
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    The Booth Babes of Computex 2010

    I admit, I took the bait and laughed at myself for doing so. Page 1, TFE said: "WTF, where are the babes? Nice shots of booths, but this looks like every other bondoggle event I've ever been on. No babes no iLike." Page 2, TFE said: "Fantastic work Rob, true journalism here." As for...
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    Crucial RealSSD 300 Instructions... Don't use it.

    Ahhh! Pertinent thread-piracy! I won't get into it here or elaborate on your lovely V2 review Kougar, but have you seen or heard the clamor concerning SATA-3 Drives and mobo/bios settings? I have not put it in yet, because I want to get this correct firmware in there where TRIM won't cause...
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    Obituary of the Pillsbury Doughboy

    too.. many... puns!
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    OCZ Vertex 2 100GB Performance Preview

    I knew I should've just gotten a Corsair Sandforce 200GB drive. I mean I am sure the Vertex 2 would beat it as well, several technological nuances there. But if you get a chance to review the Sata 3 Crucial or any other Sata 3.0 drive, note the pain in the rear that goes into configuring a mobo...
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    Crucial RealSSD 300 Instructions... Don't use it.

    I just thought it was funny, Kougar =D I know what I am getting into being an early adopter and all of that. I spoke to some techs at Crucial the other day and aside from that instruction 'just don't use it for now' I got some stats out of them. Only about 1% of the drives were bricked...
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    Crucial RealSSD 300 Instructions... Don't use it.

    Just... don't use it for now. I had posted down below about other things, but among them was this Crucial RealSSD I am swapping for my P256 which I put in my bosses PC and shipped off yesterday. So I have this SATA 3.0 compatible mobo and this SATA 3 SSD drive. Apparently they've determined...
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    When does Random / Sequential Reading and Writing come into Play?

    Very thorough and informative Kougar, thank you very much - as mentioned most of the resources I found either made the concept extremely abstract (I didn't do well in Calc 2 at Syracuse...) or just didn't do anything to answer the question. I am keeping one of the RealSSDs for myself! So given...
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    Good, durable headset?

    How about a $35 rebuttal : If I could reverse my purchase, I would buy this I suspect.
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    MS' Silverlight Software

    I didn't do too much browsing but I don't suspect the topic has been brought up in this fashion : is it wrong of me not to install Silverlight on any of my browsers or system? This makes most MS based content 'unviewable' by me, but, as a former flash designer, why won't they just acknowledge...
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    Too TRIM? When SSD Data Recovery is Impossible

    I have seen similar forays into the flaws of Trim coupled with SSDs, not just in data loss but in deterioration of speed and access as well. Scary. I did enjoy the Asheron's Call 1 world builder though! =D
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    ASUS P6X58D Premium

    I don't know how to classify the error, it was the first PC build I ever had, but the problem seemed VERY common (search google for EVGA FF). I just did so that I could answer your question and everything from 780 SLI (pre nehalem) and all their current offerings came up. This is not the...
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    Good, durable headset?

    I have the Logitech G35 as well and I would be inclined to suggest you don't get this headset. A quick google search for reviews will prove my assertion that the quality is hardly 7.1 as suggested. Additionally, the logitech software (mind you I own numerous logitech components including the...
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    Mugshot Page

    Focus and Son Scott and Ben - Ben is the bay-beh (2 year old) Consequently, I frequently work under these conditions.
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    OCZ joins NASDAQ

    You know what Rob, I am always actually a bit sad when a good company goes public like this - it is hard enough succeeding in business and becoming an icon as they have, but clearly they have even loftier capital-requiring ambitions and growth. I typically find that going public, they lose the...
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    When does Random / Sequential Reading and Writing come into Play?

    SSD comparisons can be fun. Building a new system for my boss this time, I might be inclined to swap a few of my SSDs for hers! Namely my boot drive - Crucial's RealSSD 300. Great at sequential, apparenlty awful at random. This made me wonder, and google couldn't help me - when do these two...
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    The Vicious Cycle of Gaming DRM

    I don't pirate software of any kind anymore for three reasons : 1) Spyware and Viruses - While I was always pretty savvy and it is true that most keygens simply generated false positives - every once in a while, I would find a system-ending piece of malware that'd cause me to write zeros and do...