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  1. Yangster

    Valve’s Dota 2 Officially Free-to-Play, Will Not be Pay-to-Win

    As someone who plays LoL, I don't quite understand what this meant: "Better still, unlike LoL, all heroes will be unlocked and available for anyone to play". LoL is also a free to play and while you can purchase champions with real money, every champ can also be bought using the in-game...
  2. Yangster

    A Look Inside Visa's 'Operation Center East'

    Wow that's a sick set up. I want my desk like that. :D
  3. Yangster

    A Quick Look at Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Personally I like the way things look in Windows 8. I really don't open the start menu that often, since my most used apps are pinned onto my task bar. So if it doesn't hinder what I normally do, is faster, and looks cooler, then I'm for it.
  4. Yangster

    Gearbox Releases Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer

    I think you linked the wrong video in the description. It leads to the Lilith Reveal video. I think this is the video that's supposed to be there:
  5. Yangster

    Microsoft vs. Google: Which Won the Search Game in 2011?

    I personally stick with Google, but simply because I don't see a reason to switch. Is there any benefits of Bing over Google? Do you get more accurate results, is the searching faster, less ads, etc.? For a browser you can say how Chrome is faster, or FireFox has lots of add-ons, or something...
  6. Yangster

    Is Facebook Wrong in the Facebook vs. Google+ Battle?

    Mmm well there's already history of social websites disappearing and fading out once newer and better ones come out right? Who still uses Myspace? Xanga? I can understand where they're coming from. To me it seems like going to McDonalds and then giving the other customers ads for Burger King...
  7. Yangster

    Netflix Separates DVD and Streaming Services in the US; Raises Prices

    I personally don't use Netflix but I know of a lot of people who do. Just wondering, is there any competitors out there that offer the same or a similar service for a similar price point? Now would be a good time to reduce the prices and steal all of Netflix's customers away :)
  8. Yangster

    First Impressions of Google's Facebook-killer, Google+

    May I get an invite please? Thank you.
  9. Yangster

    Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    I have this mouse and I really like it. I haven't played more competitive fps like CS in a while, but I've been playing l4d2 and it works well. The battery life really isn't an issue for me. There are 2 things you can do: 1. Change/set up a profile for general computing use. When you're...
  10. Yangster

    Hard Drive eSata

    Hi sorry to bump this topic but I finally got around to reformatting my comp XD I went into the bios and changed the settings to AHCI, but it would not boot from CD, it would just keep blue screening and restarting. But when I changed it back to IDE, it would have the boot from CD prompt. What I...
  11. Yangster

    Hard Drive eSata

    So just to get this straight, when I'm ready to reformat, before I update to Win 7, I need to go into my bios and change the setting to use AHCI mode, and after that, I pop in the Win 7 disk and install like normal and everything will run fine? So basically this option/mode can only be...
  12. Yangster

    Hard Drive eSata

    Ah ok, but how would I go about doing that? Is that hardware/motherboard related or software/os related?
  13. Yangster

    Hard Drive eSata

    Hmm I see. Well that's kind of convenient and annoying at the same time. I've been planning to update to Win 7 for a while now and I ran out of space in my old external, which is why I've been waiting for this drive. But I was hoping to hold out till summer since it's almost here to upgrade and...
  14. Yangster

    Hard Drive eSata

    I'm hoping I'm posting in the right section, but I'm a bit confused about eSata. I recently got a 1tg Samsung hd and I've set it up in a Rosewill RX358 external enclosure. The enclosure allows me to use both USB 2.0 and an eSata cable. Using the eSata would allow faster read/write speeds right...
  15. Yangster

    Nintendo to Launch 3D Gaming Handheld in 2011

    I've always been a big fan of Nintendo so I'm really excited for this. I've owned pretty much every single Gameboy including the original brick sized one and excluding the "newest" microGBA or w.e it's called. I currently own a DS Lite and I was interested in getting one of those new DSiXL's but...
  16. Yangster

    Is Paid DLC Good or Bad for the Gaming Industry?

    Personally I think DLC should be free, mostly cause I'm stingy. :D But, like you mentioned, Valve offers free DLC and that works out extremely well for them. Namely TF2, since that receives plenty of updates. I think that's the perfect plan for the developers and consumers. When you, as a...
  17. Yangster

    Windows XP will Have Issues with Advanced Format HDD's

    Mmm thanks. I was shopping for a new harddrive recently and noticed WD has two forms now, EADS and EARS and I think one of the reviews for the EARS mentioned something like this. It seems the newer version is cheaper than the old one tho.
  18. Yangster

    Why Ad-Blocking Hurts the Sites You Love

    Mmm I whitelisted techgage yesterday but this is also an interesting read. It's basically a response to Ars Technica's article.
  19. Yangster

    Windows XP will Have Issues with Advanced Format HDD's

    How does this affect external hard drives? Can I use it as an external for XP? Or will it still have problems?
  20. Yangster

    Why Ad-Blocking Hurts the Sites You Love

    I feel pretty strongly about this issue since I really dislike annoying ads. When Chrome came out I wouldn't use it just because it didn't have a ad blocker (woot extensions!). I've never once clicked an ad, mostly for fear of malware or something, but must advertisements are of no interest to...