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  1. CaptainFluffy

    Are you looking forward to Windows 8?

    The only thing I was REALLY looking forward to in 8 was the rumored xbox 360 emulation, which I haven't heard anything about since the beta started. Since Microsoft seems to be keeping up with Ballmer's Law I'll probably be skipping 8.
  2. CaptainFluffy

    Steam needs to convert a game?

    Yeah. A couple of games did that when I moved all my Steam games to a new hard drive. Too lazy to convert them so right now they're just stuck at "download paused" until I want to play them.
  3. CaptainFluffy

    In-Game Ads Activated in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    You can edit the hosts file to get rid of the ads too. Just tried it and didn't see a single ad. 1)Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc 2) find the file named "hosts" and open it with notepad (you'll need to run notepad as an admin on Vista/7) 3)add the following to the bottom of the...
  4. CaptainFluffy

    Why Won't Nintendo Develop for Mobile Platforms?

    I've tried playing the original Super Mario Bros. on a NES emulator on my ipod touch before. Platformers + touch screen controls = :(
  5. CaptainFluffy

    Windows 7 Has Sold 400 Million Licenses Since Launch

    Better late than never I guess. Then again, there's also that rumor floating around that Windows 8 will have xBox360 emulation built into it so we could always have that to look forward too. What is this "piracy" you speak of? :rolleyes: Also this.
  6. CaptainFluffy

    Ubisoft Caught Pirating Itself... Again

    Is Ubisoft... promoting piracy? :confused:
  7. CaptainFluffy

    Steam - Estimated Revenue of $1 Billion in 2010

    It's so hard not to spend money during those Christmas sales. D:
  8. CaptainFluffy

    In the case of a bad GPU, Windows vomits

    Kinda reminds me of when My 9800GTX+ died. Blue screens. Blue screens everywhere.
  9. CaptainFluffy

    Sony's PlayStation 3 Seeing Hacks En Masse

    I wish video game companies (not just Sony) would realize that you're never going to completely get rid of modders/pirates and removing features in an attempt to stop them is just going to hurt sales more than it'll improve them. (See:, "always on" DRMs, etc. etc.) I guess eventually...
  10. CaptainFluffy

    Goddamn it Sony

    ♫So here I am... doin' everything I can...♫
  11. CaptainFluffy

    Does the FBI Care More About Copyright Issues than Missing Persons?

    Sometimes I wonder why they still bother.
  12. CaptainFluffy

    Gabriel Iglesias

    I need to learn how to do his drive thru voice.
  13. CaptainFluffy

    AVGN tackles game glitches

    I have a collection of them going in a thread on a different forum. Also some in picture form:
  14. CaptainFluffy

    AVGN tackles game glitches

    Game glitches? Oh man have I got a list for you guys. This is going to be quite lengthy. (^ it stops around 2:20. Just sayin'.)
  15. CaptainFluffy

    Apple's iPhone 4 Enjoys Great Reception, Suffers Bad Reception

    Looks like they'll need 7 more excuses. :p
  16. CaptainFluffy

    Is this the largest game ever?

    The largest game I have is The Last Remnant using about 12gb. I'm running out of hard drive space anyway. :(
  17. CaptainFluffy

    Windows 7 Sells 150 Million Licenses Since October's Launch

    I'm just glad they did that student discount thing last year. Yay for discount stuff! :D
  18. CaptainFluffy

    37% of the Web is porn

    I thought It'd be higher than that. :confused: