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    Game Initiative: Advertising in Games

    I won't buy games that have too many advertisements in them. I simply won't buy them.
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    Curious why do people need a laptop?

    That is VERY funny. Good reason to buy a laptop, you don't own a desk! hahaha
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    If Microsoft was Open Source, would it have LESS bugs?

    I totally agree with T-Shirt. People will use their computers for the next 9 years, then after those 9 years are over, they will have put a substantial investment into Mcirosoft O/S. They will then justify continue to use it because of all the investment, etc. It forms a repeating series of...
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    Most Expensive Piece of Hardware You Own?

    The title of the thread is most expensive piece of <b>hardware</b>.
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    Looking for a program to fix dead pixels..

    Are dead pixels noticeable? Do they stand out when playing a game? How do you stand them?
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    iPod Vending Machines Spotted

    The Ipod is popular because it was the first highly recognized brand name for a mp3 player that doesn't require discs. Whoever is the first to implement an idea is usually the most popular by default. There are a lot of companies around who sell the same type of product, but nobody else will...
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    Wondering what you use your thumb drives for?

    I don't own a mp3 player, so I often use a thumb drive to carry music on my laptop. My laptop is old, it is a 486 processor, and doesn't have a big hard drive. Using the thumb drive to carry my music to my laptop from my desktop PC works wonders. I listen to the music thru the headphone port...
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    Game Initiative: Advertising in Games

    What do you mean by Advertising in Games? You mean placing advertisements inside of games or advertising for people to buy the game itself?
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    Favorite MMORPG games?

    I won't play WoW because I think Blizzard are jerks. I heard a lot of bad things about them, including a number of illegal things they have done. Right now I only play Sony mmorpg games, like everquest and star wars galaxies. I enjoy both those games :D
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    How much is too much for a video card?

    Over $200 is too much for a video card. Think about it! You can get a 19" LCD monitor for as low as $200. You can get a good processor for $200. You can get a good motherboard for $200. Why shouldn't you be able to get a good video card for $200 or less?
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    Still have Pc-3200?

    Yes, I still got PC3200! I have 512 MB of PC3200 memory. It is GEIL brand memory. Looking to upgrade soon to 1 gig of memory.
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    HUGE PROBLEM! needhelp asap.

    Didn't Microsoft come out with a new anti-spyware program? I don't remember the name, but last time I went to Microsoft's website I remember seeing a beta version there. Like a few months ago.