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  1. Will Nave

    What in the hell

    At least they are both mammals?
  2. Will Nave

    Good use for tires..

    Wow... some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.
  3. Will Nave

    New Logitech Lineup

    yeah yeah yeah... like I said I bought it for my brother so I was assuming, had I played with it myself I would have probably figured that out pretty quick. Still a kickass keyboard all the same.
  4. Will Nave

    New Logitech Lineup

    I purchased the keyboard for my little bro for his b'day... let me just say it is F'n awesome. Programmable backlit LCD screen, two levels of illumination on the actual keys, and 54 programmable macros... You can hook up your USB mouse and headset to it and it has imbedded wire routes...
  5. Will Nave

    8 hours on an Xbox 360

    The only games I've played lately that have made me happy are Battlefield 2 and F.E.A.R. Otherwise its all flashy **** from my perspective...
  6. Will Nave

    I was banned from texas roadhouse

    Go to the better business bureau with a complaint of reverse discrimination... She shouldn't have been nosy enough to pry into your business, if she really didn't want to know how you felt. I say worse things in public all the time, I would have told the stupid #@$%^ to sick my duck if she...
  7. Will Nave

    Net jobs... i really need something :P

    No, not all of them... and by using the job boards I don't mean looking at the jobs that are posted, you need to get a resume uploaded to them and get your information out there for available employers to find you. If you are looking specifically for P.C. Tech work I highly doubt you will find...
  8. Will Nave

    Calling all PHP Developers in Central Illinois!

    Yeah that's right... I need a PHP Developer willing to work for beans. By beans I mean money... and by money I mean not a ton... 27-30k annual to be exact. So... if any of you's are in the Central Illinois area and experienced in PHP Web Development shoot me a message!
  9. Will Nave

    Net jobs... i really need something :P

    I suggest you go register and post your resume information on the following sites: Smaller boards less frequented by most employers:
  10. Will Nave

    Wireless Networking and how not to get hacked

    Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree... the fact that WEP is not enabled by default on pretty much all routers and such sold retail is a big risk though. I personally have yet to open up a wireless capable laptop in an apartment complex and not been able to get into at least one wireless network...
  11. Will Nave

    OMG the love

    Your assumptions of rationality make me chuckle... :-D
  12. Will Nave

    Coolest keyboard ever?

    That makes my naughty parts tingle...
  13. Will Nave

    Google Maps

    Yeah... I killed WAAAAAAAY too much time at work when I discovered the satellite images a few weeks ago. I found my car!
  14. Will Nave

    Who would've thought?

    LMAO... I think the testamonials are the best part of the entire site...scary!
  15. Will Nave

    Battlefield 2

    All I can say is... ADDICTIVE! For any fans of Battlefield 1942, this game is what it should have been. Normal rounds consist of 32-64 players and it even has an integrated VoIP system. Fly jets and choppers, drive boats, buggies, hummers, tanks, man antiaircraft missile turrets, and call...
  16. Will Nave

    What could happen if you overclock too much..

    lol... what was the temp?
  17. Will Nave

    Download Managers/Accelerators

    I'm looking for a dependable download manager that doesn't fill my PC with spam/malware/garbage. Any suggestions?
  18. Will Nave

    Distorted Text

    Open up IE... (I rarely ever suggest this. :-P ) and go to the View menu and choose Text Size, then decrease the size and see if that helps. Then I suggest you navigate your IE browser to and download the latest version of Firefox and a bunch of plug-ins for it. Let us...
  19. Will Nave

    Ati Mvp

    I smell a review.... *wink* *wink*
  20. Will Nave

    Monitor problems? Need help.

    Update BIOS if that's an option with your motherboard, and possibly try getting new drivers for your video card or rolling back to old ones.... That's all I got for now...