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  1. leecho7

    Hummer beats a Prius in environmentally friendly tests

    I know many of you won't believe me in saying this, but at work some dude had his 2005 Hummer H2 brought in for some repairs. Somebody hit his hood. The way the H2 is designed is that the hood is pretty much the entire hood and the left and right fenders. You would think with a 'tough and...
  2. leecho7

    onboard sound with good headset

    That's right, forgot that the newer mobos come with the hi-def whatever dingamajig onboard sound these days. It's been a while since I kept up with technology. I haven't stepped into the realm of Conroe yet.
  3. leecho7

    D3 or not?

    That is crazy.
  4. leecho7

    onboard sound with good headset

    The Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 4 is a great card, its around $80 depending on where you get it. It might be a bit pricey, at least towards my standards cause I'm cheap, but trust me it makes a world of difference. I was able to hear things in video games, movies, and music, that I didn't...
  5. leecho7

    onboard sound with good headset

    That is one mighty fine headset your getting there. I would recommend that you dish out the cash for a decent sound card. You'd be surprised how much difference a decent sound card makes, trust me on that.
  6. leecho7

    ESRB: We want you!

    I'd probably be fired on the spot, even before they hire me. Here's what I'd probably end up doin: "Ah, a copy of God of War II. According to the developers, theres nudity, sexual themes, and large amounts of blood, gore, and violence. I'll give it an E (for everybody) rating. It's good to...
  7. leecho7

    I'm a Mac. I'm a PC...

    Haha! Priceless...
  8. leecho7

    You Want Inspiration?

    Watch this!
  9. leecho7

    My bowl of green poop.

    The other night I was in the mood to cook something weird. I don't know why. I was in the mood for some creamed spinach so I picked some up along with a pint of light cream. I also decided to throw in some mushrooms cause my girlfriend likes them. Mixed in some baby carrots, ground turkey, and...
  10. leecho7

    So I started playing this game called Warcraft..

    Unfortunately for me, WoW is pretty much the only PC game I can play on my not-so-gaming-friendly Mac... Cheers to Blizzard, though, for keeping us mac-users in mind. Other than that... the only compatible games are... Civilization IV (which my outdated imac can't play) and the Sims and Sims 2.
  11. leecho7

    Happy Hollidays folks!

    Happy Kwanza. For those of you who celebrate that. Regardless, happy holidays and a happy new year! Don't get too drunk now.
  12. leecho7

    You are a Pirate!

    It's best to expose your kids to drugs, sex, alcohol, and violence at an early age so that they'll get tired of it during puberty. In all seriousness... wow.
  13. leecho7

    Overclocking the E6300

    Hmmm... I might build myself a new rig now... $500 bucks is a mighty fine deal.
  14. leecho7

    Who's excited about Spore? Robin Williams, thats who!
  15. leecho7

    Lee Cho's iMac G5 for sale.

    Yes, this thread is dead. Sorry.
  16. leecho7

    Few PSP questions

    I am offended by that remark Rob. I may be an ass, but I am certainly NOT smart! I say good day to you sir! In all seriousness, if you travel often or you find yourself waiting for something out of your house quite frequently, then the PSP is probably worth it. As for games, like I...
  17. leecho7

    Few PSP questions

    You can so totally bring two ps2's and xbox's on a plane. You just can't take em out and play them like you could with a PSP.
  18. leecho7

    Few PSP questions

    I don't know how the new shipments of PSP's are, but I know when they first came out, the battery life was about 3-4 hours. One game that is awesome, especially if you're into online gaming, is Twisted Metal for the PSP. I don't own a PSP or the game, but I had a lot of time to play with my...
  19. leecho7


    It's not cold, its not hot, but it aint warm... It's raining... this is how it is in Baltimore. Like it's border line "cold enough to get a jacket" and "not cold enough to get a jacket."
  20. leecho7

    Gears of War: A quickie review for you peoples.

    I managed to beat Gears of War several times over the Thanksgiving break. At first, the game was a blast to play. The cover mechanic was good (although not as good as Rainbow Six: Vegas in my opinion), and the action was intense. The game probably featured the best co-op mode I've played in a...