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    NZXT Duet

    I have to agree with the review conclusions. I would have rather seen dual 120mm fans, non-pop out rear slot covers, and a better way to mount 3.5" drives (or atleast conversion hardware for mounting in 5.25" bays)... With the components used, I would have made the decisions four mounting...
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    Matrix Orbital MX610

    You should add a website link to the LCDC software in your review. Looks like a nice bit of hardware. If I could get it to run under Linux, I might add it to my HTPC.
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    Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350

    I've been using this card fairly heavily for about a year now so I thought I should jump in with a couple of my own observations. 1) While WinTv in an OK program and utilizes the functions of the card, I find you get a much better all around experience by using a real PVR application such as...
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    Contest winners thread

    My G7 experiences so far... Well, I can finally give a little more info about using this mouse, but I still need to do some more testing. I gave it a good workout over the weekend because I held a LAN party. :D It was lots of fun. Ok, on to the mouse... So far, it's been a mixed bag...
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    Gas Prices

    On my way into work this morning, I saw $2.80 in Bloomington, MN. It was at $2.95 mid last week after a sharp spike, but has slowly dropped. I expect another spike in a couple of days. Seems to shoot up about $0.30 and then slowly drop about $0.20 before spiking again... :mad:
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    Corsair Nautilus500 External Water Cooling

    Couple questions for you: 1) Were the temps you measured with the fan at high speed or low speed? 2) What are the temps at the other speed? 3) Do you have any sort of noise data at the two fan speeds? You said it was louder than the stock cooler, but I have no idea how loud that is...
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    Contest winners thread

    Werty, I look forward to your testing results. I'll be building a new system pretty soon, so I like to hear what people get out of theirs. I still haven't had time to really sit down with the mouse yet. Felt great for the 10 minutes I had with it, but my wife and I hare spending a bunch of...
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    From all the benchmarks I've seen to date, there hasn't been an advantage of using 2 16x slots over 2 8x slots. Current GPUs just don't use all the bandwidth. That's not to say that it won't happen, and when it does dual 16x slots will definately have the advantage, but it's not there today.
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    Do you still have a floppy drive?

    I find it comes in useful for dealing with viruses. When you know you picked up something, but the virus scanner can't take care of it, I use a bootdisk I made in college so that I can get to the files and remove the suspects (can't delete them if windows is using them after all...) Haven't...
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    Contest winners thread

    I got my mouse on Friday! :D After a bit of work getting in synced with the receiver again it seems to work great. I've only had it going for about 5 min now, so I can't do a full review of it or anything, but it's really nice so far. I like the feel of it.
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    There was a comment earlier (I don't remember by who) that said the ATI 3200 chipset used 16x PCIe for both graphics slots. I just wanted to point out that the Nforce4 SLI32 (SLI16?) chipset has the same capability. It seems like if you want to run dual Nvidia GPUs you need an Nvidia mobo...
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    Richard Simmons on Who's Line

    That is one of my favorite episodes and I've got 100+ recorded on my HTPC. :D
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    Contest winners thread

    I won the Logitech G7. :cool: Unfortunately it hasn't come yet :eek: but hopefully today. I'll let you know what I think when I've had a chance to play with it. I'm sure it'll be a nice step up from my current mouse.
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    VF900-Cu vs. Fatal1ty FS-V7 vs. ZM80C-HP Review

    Nice review. I like head to head comparisons. I'd be interested to see how the Zalman does against an Acrtic Cooler since it exhausts the heat directly out the back.
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    Which motherboard chipset do you like better?

    I'm planning on dual core all the way, but I'm not sure if it'll be AMD or Intel yet. My initial feeling is to go with AMD, especially if I'm going with current tech. If I do AMD, it'll be an Opteron setup (Socket 939). But on the other hand, the new Intel Cedar Mills sound nice...
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    Anybody else try to get 3 years out of their computer?

    I generally go 3-5 years between upgrades because my wife doesn't like me spending tons on computers, and also doesn't like having the old ones sitting around. I'm still working on a P4 2GHz system with a Geforce4 MX card from around 2001-2002 (pre hyperthreading). I also just put my P2 400MHz...
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    You know your overclocked went to far when..

    That must have been pretty fun. I'd've liked to see what the card looked like after. I hope you got your money back.
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    Hello, Welcome To The Forums. Have A Bit Of A Sit Down and Introduce Yourselves

    Hi, my name is Tim. I've been around computers for most of my life starting with an 8088 when I was about 5, but I'm not an addict. ;) I'm 26 now. I've built 6 computers from scratch and helped with a bunch of others. Between my wife and I, we've got 7 computers sitting in our "computer...
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    Cable through my PC?

    In case you're still curious... You can go with a Hauppauge card (PVR150 for example) and tune SDTV (standard def - analog) at 640x480. Should resemble what you get already (garbage in garbage out). However, I think you might be able to use a program like ffdshow to clean it up some and...