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  1. MakubeX

    Far Cry 2

    Don't get your hopes up too much, though. The game itself isn't that great. :(
  2. MakubeX

    Far Cry 2

    FC2 plays very well on a 4870X2 as well (unlike Crysis). Settings: 1600x1200, 2xAA Everything in Ultra High except shadows which are Very High Win XP
  3. MakubeX

    FS: NEW Visiontek HD 4870 512MB

    I really couldn't say what it was. I doubt it was the heatsink, though. Temps were not that bad.
  4. MakubeX

    FS: NEW Visiontek HD 4870 512MB

    Please close. Thanks. The card is no longer for sale. Sorry guys, but I'm gonna have to keep it for a little while. My Sapphire 4870 1GB is artifacting and I need to send it back to newegg and so I'm gonna have to use this card in the meantime. Thanks anyway. Maybe after I get my new card...
  5. MakubeX

    Palit Radeon HD 4870 X2 1GB - AMD Reclaims GPU Supremacy

    Very nice, but where's the Crysis test?
  6. MakubeX

    Computex 2008 - The Roundup

    So many pretty new toys I wish I could play with. :D
  7. MakubeX

    ASUS at Computex 2008

    Looking good Asus.... looking good. :cool:
  8. MakubeX

    Are you a Nerd?

    :cool: :cool:
  9. MakubeX

    Are you a Nerd?

    Damn, and I thought I was just a geek... <a href=""> <img src=""</img></a>
  10. MakubeX

    16-year-old survives 25,000V blast

    So he was playing Rugby with steel toe boots? Maybe the electric shock was karma for breaking the shins of so many players. :p
  11. MakubeX

    Snob? Here's the magazine for you!

    Ahh perfect. Thanks for the explanation.
  12. MakubeX

    Snob? Here's the magazine for you!

    I see. Thanks.
  13. MakubeX

    Snob? Here's the magazine for you!

    Ok I gotta ask... cuz I've had this doubt for the longest time. What exactly does it mean to call someone a tool? Someone that's easily manipulated or what? :confused:
  14. MakubeX

    EGM #1 released as PDF

    Oldschool! Nice find. Thanks. :D
  15. MakubeX

    Gaming system

    That's awesome. I don't think I'll like it much for games, but pretty cool for other applications.
  16. MakubeX

    Intel Details Nehalem, Dunnington, Tukwila & Larrabee

    Having to buy new hardware due to socket change is a bitch, but it's still pretty exciting when there's a new CPU family in town. :D
  17. MakubeX

    Convert Your HD DVDs to Work on Your Blu-ray Player

    Yeah... I think I'll just keep my HD DVD player.
  18. MakubeX

    Happy Birthday Mr. DarkSynergy!

    Happy B-day Dark!
  19. MakubeX

    EVGA 780 Mobo

    Wheew... thank God. For a minute there I thought you were serious! :eek:
  20. MakubeX

    HD DVD to Die Before Week's End

    RIP HD DVD... Well, now it's time to look for HD DVD clearance prices! :D