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  1. x.clay

    memtest help

    For the SSD you can use the diagnostic utility that comes with the Intel SSD Toolbox Windows comes with hard drive testing program.
  2. x.clay

    memtest help

    I would start with your RAM since it is easy to test. Boot straight to memtest and I would run it overnight and see if it comes back with any errors. If memtest doesn't give you any hints I would run diskcheck on OS drive. If you are getting a BSOD it would help to know what the error code...
  3. x.clay

    memtest help

    I would start with all the RAM installed. I would fire up memtest and check on it after an hour or so. If you get errors you know it is RAM and can start trying to figure out which stick/slot is causing the problem. If you don't get errors I would let it keep running for an extended period to...
  4. x.clay

    Quick impression of the HAF X

    nice case- the HAF-X has some nice features. The cable management looks excellent. I'm sorry to hear about the wheel breaking. I hope they are easy to fix or swap out for something a little stonger.
  5. x.clay

    Who Rules the SSD World Right Now?

    You are going to be waiting for a while :)
  6. x.clay

    The Sleeper

    nice update. The chrome pump housing looks great.
  7. x.clay

    The motherboard... it is small.

    I love seeing some solid iTX boards making it to the market. You could make a pretty compact and powerful PC with a board like this.
  8. x.clay

    Push Or Pull?

    I'd say try a 90 degree turn as well. My graphic cards have always been one of the hottest components in my case. If you touch the back of you graphics card it will usually feel pretty warm. I bet you'll see your temps drop if you rotate it so it isn't sucking air off the top of your graphics...
  9. x.clay

    The Games I Keep Going Back To

    I loved the Descent games. The original Descent was the first "FPS" game for me to really get into. I would love to see a new game in the series with DX11 graphics and a more immersive storyline.
  10. x.clay

    Which One?

    What don't you like about the case? (just curious). Thermaltake has a some pretty products (Element series cases, Toughpower PSUs) and some that are pretty poor. From the pictures is looks a bit cramped.
  11. x.clay

    Legal DVD's vs. Pirated DVD's

    I own all my movies but that picture makes a great point. If I am paying for a movie I shouldn't be forced to watch so much extra junk.
  12. x.clay

    CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Liquid CPU Cooler

    I can understand that from a review standpoint it is probably best to test with the stock configuration to keep things fair. I have an Asetek cooler (similar to the H50) and it got a couple of degree temp drop off adding a second fan. It was about the same drop as adding a shroud to a single...
  13. x.clay

    Heatsink suggestions for review

    I would be interested in seeing how Corsair's new tower coolers perform once they make their way to the market
  14. x.clay

    CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Liquid CPU Cooler

    it has overclocked results ?? It looks like a nice improvement over the Domino. I would have loved to see benchmarks with a dual fan setup.
  15. x.clay

    NVIDIA Defends GTX 480's Heat & Power Consumption

    I think Nvidia had a hand in the high expectations. Combine Nvidia PR with wild rumors and speculation and a 6 month delay and I think most people were at least hoping the long wait would be worth it.
  16. x.clay

    Where are all the Fermi haters now?

    I had not thought of the warranty issue but it is a good point and could mean a lot of lost money in the future.
  17. x.clay

    Cooler Master R4 Fans!

    I have a couple of the blue LED version of these fans in my case. They are a bit loud at full speed but they respond very well to using a fan controller. One of the 3 I ordered makes a small clicking noise but the noise only shows up at full speed.
  18. x.clay

    Crysis "Xtreme" Particle Chaos Mod Ups the Physics

    agree that it is a little over the top but it still looks amazing. Crysis is 3 years old now and it is still one of the best looking games out there.
  19. x.clay

    Where are all the Fermi haters now?

    I heave heard speculation that Nvidia is unhappy with XFX for making ATI cards and that is wasn't just XFX unhappy with the 470/480.
  20. x.clay

    Where are all the Fermi haters now?

    personally I am a little underwhelmed with the new Nvidia cards. I am glad they are out so we can finally have some competition but I don't fold and I don't play any games with PhysX so for now the 480 just isn't worth the extra $100 over a 5870. Not to mention the heat and power consumption....