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  1. crowTrobot

    So is the 5770 like the top selling card in the world now?

    I felt that the 5830 was better price-performance wise over the 5770 but apparently I'm alone in this. lol. Some review sites even say that 5830 is too hot and too costly (although up here the difference is only 20-40 dollars) compared to the 5770. I guess I just got spoiled because 4890 at...
  2. crowTrobot

    Who really cares about eyefinity?

    Will be posting my review on my 100th forum post celebration. lol Who knew testing multiple video games can be tiresome? :) Here's a sneak preview: "I LOVE IT!"
  3. crowTrobot

    Who really cares about eyefinity?

    The guys over at HardOCP seem really happy with their Eyefinity and are really recommending it. As for PhysX and 3D Vision, those are deciding factors for me as I have a 3D vision setup now. :) I don't really care for higher frames as I won't need those extra frames for console ports but I...
  4. crowTrobot

    Is NVIDIA's GF100 Broken and Unfixable?

    How can you hate Fermi? Check out that box art! lol it looks like "Fame" the musical. That galaxy card looks pretty cool though, although a bit plastic looking cover.
  5. crowTrobot

    Which One?

    List looks good man, even after taxes it looks like a really good deal. I hope you have been joining the NCIX contest going on right now and see if you can win some free stuff for your build though, its definitely worth trying. 2.5" laptop drives usually cost alot more than regular 3.5"...
  6. crowTrobot

    Don't Miss Our Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition Review!

    It's actually the best value for an extreme processor I've seen so far being the same price as the previous 2 extreme i7 processors. Especially considering AMD is a generation behind and even their upcoming hex-core release won't likely even come close to this one in performance.
  7. crowTrobot

    Why Ad-Blocking Hurts the Sites You Love

    I don't really come across annoying ads often except for ones with audio and that naked skinny blonde guy which makes every site you go to look like you're checking out gay porn (Maximum PC has this ad all over their site) as well as sites with ridiculously heavy flash content like CNET for some...
  8. crowTrobot

    Which One?

    What parts do you already have? I'm assuming case and PSU or are you getting new ones of those?
  9. crowTrobot

    Which One?

    What's your total budget and your parts list so far?
  10. crowTrobot

    WOO HOOO! One of my favorite movies of all time... finally has a sequal!!!

    Looks like they thankfully dropped the stupid "TR2N" title (How do you even pronounce that?) and went with Tron: Legacy. Will definitely watch for Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde (HOT!)
  11. crowTrobot

    What exactly is wrong with the March?

    lol I have very little time for games and I only play on PC. I could only imagine if I played with consoles as well. Even installing games takes FOREVER! lol, they should start selling these in USB sticks.
  12. crowTrobot

    Is NVIDIA's GF100 Broken and Unfixable?

    haha i know what you mean. It's probably because there's only two to choose from. As for motherboards. I can't even decide which I am a fan of. I like Gigabyte boards, great price, great performance but I don't like the look and the colors (petty I know). I like Asus boards' performance...
  13. crowTrobot

    Possible MOBO pricewar coming :D *crosses fingers*
  14. crowTrobot

    NVIDIA Teases with Tessellation Performance on GTX 480

    A lot of other factors like comparison to older GTX2*** models are also in play like how good it is in Folding, CUDA apps and 3D Vision, 3 things that are exclusively nvidia right now. I don't think nvidia users are concerned so much about power consumption esp those who fold.
  15. crowTrobot

    Microsoft's Browser Choice Screen Working Well for its Competitors

    There are also even lesser known browsers complaining now that they weren't included in the main browser selection screen (requiring the user to scroll down and have the other browser options on a list) like K-meleon, etc.
  16. crowTrobot

    More Proof that Steam is Coming to Mac OS X

    Yup. They probably think that the browser issue affects a larger number of people but I would argue to them that the gaming industry a larger number of PROFIT involved, thus affecting the economy much more significantly than web browsers.
  17. crowTrobot

    AMD: Game Devs Uses PhysX Only for Cash

    Sounds like sour grapes on their part. Where's the ATI open-physics that they have been trying to get off the ground? What's new in ATI Stream? It's not so much that the other companies are very aggressive its that AMD's branding and marketting sucks so much. As I said before, they should...
  18. crowTrobot

    Gigabyte H55M-USB3 - The Ultimate $100 H55 Board?

    This looks fantastic. I am looking at building an HTPC sometime (possibly a gaming HTPC) and these new h55 offerings are really enticing. I'm surprised GIGABYTE still included an IDE and Floppy port on a micro-atx board.
  19. crowTrobot

    Why Ad-Blocking Hurts the Sites You Love

    Yep, I just read the ars article as well. It's even worse for tech sites because the viewership are more technically proficient than other sites and are more likely to have adblocks in place.
  20. crowTrobot

    Fake Intel i7's going about BE CAREFUL!

    holy crap. lol wow. I can't believe this got past something as big as NewEgg.